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How to activate hormones for slimming and you will quickly lose fat!

Hormone a considerable extent depend on our health, mood, appearance, sleep, appetite, strength of will.

They control the capacity of our body. The main sex hormone in women and men have estrogen and testosterone, as there are many different hormones that control the body.

Will have an incredible effect if you know exactly how and why the hormone levels affect on your body.

There are certain hormones that control hunger and lose weight and they are insulin, cortisol and leptin. Construction of specific habits in your daily routine can help hormones that are used as part of a control appetite and getting the body you want.

Many people are familiar with the phrase “insulin” in connection with diabetes. What you eat and how you eat affects insulin levels. When you eat too much sugar, then produce much insulin and the cells can not absorb it. In order to control insulin levels, eat less at dinner, emphasise vegetables and grains rich in fiber, every 2-3 hours.


Cortisol is “alarming hormone ‘that affects glucose manage digestive system. To control the level of cortisol, go for a walk, do not eat “on foot”, eat slowly, limit caffeine and sleep at least seven hours.

The weight also identify with hormone called leptin, which is released from fat cells. His energy is large and affects your body has a decisive role in the regulation of appetite and metabolism work. Eat more fish, fish and flaxseed oil. It has been shown that leptin levels rise when you are well rested and recovered. In the absence of enough sleep the body begins to compensate for the shortage of energy with frequent feeling of appetite

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What is the solution?

Eat small meals every 2-3 hours, which includes vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. Furthermore, you should sleep 7-9 hours a night and stay away from processed and sugary foods.

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