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How To Activate FAT Burning Hormones In Just 3 Steps

There are no major philosophies behind losing weight healthy and successful. All basically boils down to eliminating sugar, eat plenty of vegetables, especially beans, consuming only plant protein, and increased oil intake / healthy fat. After a tight schedule of meals consisting of 3 small meals and avoiding foods after 7PM also makes a big difference. Last but not least, do some training lightweight can increase your results weight loss as well.

Now, many people are unaware that the increase in unhealthy weight is often the result of hormones that work in your body. For example, repeatedly stress hormone has been linked to weight gain, excessive consumption and obesity. Apart from factors such as stress and genetics, the food you eat is the main responsible for the actions of their hormones. This 3-step regimen can help you successfully maintain their weight gain hormones in balance, whereas activation of hormones to burn fat and lose weight in a healthy way.

How To Activate FAT Burning Hormones In Just 3 Steps

Step 1 #

Cut all the sugar out

The most important thing to keep in mind when set to lose the extra pounds you have is the role that carbohydrates play negative in their weight loss goals. On the one hand, deposits of carbohydrates they eat foods high in sugar including starchy vegetables, alcohol, biscuits, sweets, processed foods with added sugar provide easy energy your body uses instead of burning your fat . Therefore, reduction in all carbohydrate diet is a need!

Important: You can proceed to step 2 until you have completed step 1.

Step 2 #

1. Increase your consumption vegetable

Increase consumption of vegetables per day, especially greens and beans. The thing is that green raw and steamed require more calories or energy to digest, which is perfect for any weight loss regimen. In addition, its high content of fiber is ideal for intestinal cleansing. For best results, you can make greens for breakfast and large salads for lunch and dinner.

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2. vegetable juices as an alternative

vegetable juices is also beneficial for weight loss, but once out, fiber, vegetable juice are not as clean as fresh. dark like celery, kale, parsley and spinach greens are especially recommended for problems related to blood sugar. To add more protein to your juice, use asparagus, green beans and cauliflower. If you want to sweeten the taste, the best option is lime compared with carrots, beets or apples. Adding 6 tablespoons. hemp seeds and 2 teaspoons. freshly ground flax seeds in juice can be a great alternative for a meal.

3. Eating Vegetable Protein and Healthy use only oil / grease

Another important change of diet includes replacing all animal protein with legumes, such as beans and lentils. Coconut oil is a great alternative to butter, olive oil and sunflower oil. You should also gradually reduce carbohydrates from plants such as rice and other whole grains half a portion.

is good to know that your body depends on protein to build new muscle tissue and during exercise. Furthermore, both the protein and oil (fat) are kept more full time while decreasing unhealthy cravings. That’s why you should include some healthy oil and a good portion of protein at every meal. If you do not, you will begin to crave carbohydrates as you’ll nutrient deficiency. This will only hamper weight loss results.

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Step 3 #

Following a Tight Eating Schedule

When weight loss is very important to train your body and mentality no desire for food after 7 pm. 5 to 16:00 is the last thing you should have a meal. Additionally, eating 3 small meals or 2 meals and a salad for dinner is everything your body needs to burn fat effectively. You must replace all sugary drinks, natural fruit juices, with lemon water or herbal tea between meals.

Note that skipping meals will not do you any good. You can opt for a late breakfast or an early dinner, though. Cook your meals, eat slowly and stop when you feel full is highly recommended.

Important: This phase can last a few weeks or even a month

Step 4 # (Optional)

Formation lightweight

Do 30 minutes every other day

last but not least, another important thing when weight loss is the addition of a little light exercise, because this stimulates further burning its fat reserves. Even 30 minutes of exercise every other day will help your body to build new muscle protein that activates burning its fat reserves.

it may include a solid cardio 10 minutes first, like running or biking to heat and increase heart rate and weight training to build muscle. Make at least two sets of each relax for 1-2 minutes between sets. Make every game, until you feel a muscle strain (working height).

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