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How To Abort Pregnancy Naturally At Home -14 Safe Remedies


natural remedies to abort pregnancy naturally at home

For most couples, pregnancy can be a great source of joy, but only when plans. However, sometimes, a woman may not be expecting to get pregnant, in which case, early surgical abortion is the safest solution. Sometimes medical abortion is illegal and, in some cases, a woman may feel embarrassed to seek medical help or she would not have access to an abortion clinic. For these women, there is hope in the form of home remedies that can help stop unwanted pregnancy. However, these home remedies should be conducted strictly under the guidance of an expert. Also, if the herbal remedies of abortion listed below do not work as expected, look for an immediate surgical abortion as it could have caused irreversible damage to the fetus. Many herbs are described below are actually toxic and could be fatal to the user. Therefore, they should be taken only under the supervision of an experienced herbalist.

1. Papaya

This remedy has been used for decades to abort the pregnancy in Asian countries. Both ripe and unripe papayas can be used for this task. Eat plenty of papayas as soon as you know you are pregnant. This remedy can cause uterine contractions and help restart menstruation. In many women, papaya has caused miscarriages, so the fruit can be safely used to interrupt unwanted naturally in the country pregnancy. This method of aborting the pregnancy at home is effective in early pregnancy (2-6 weeks).

2. Canela

cinnamon supplements can also be used to abort pregnancy in the first week at home. You can add cinnamon spice in your food, but supplements work best. Start taking cinnamon supplements (6 grams per day for up to 6 weeks) to restart ovulation. Cinnamon is one of the safest, most effective natural foods that can induce menstruation during pregnancy and can be taken safely without affecting your chances of getting pregnant again in the future.

3. Goji berries

10grams Eating Berries Goji daily in the first two weeks of pregnancy can help you get many health benefits and also induce abortion safe and natural. Combine this remedy abortion with other herbal remedies given here for guaranteed results. Goji berries contain betaine compound that could increase your blood pressure, so consult a herbalist before using this resource.

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4. Vitamin C

High doses of vitamin C may interfere with the production of progesterone and estrogen stimulates the start to finish pregnancy. You should start taking vitamin C as soon as you know you are pregnant. This remedy is generally effective in the early weeks of pregnancy (usually 2-4 weeks). The bleeding usually begin within 3 days ths remedy. This solution can be combined with other herbs and foods that cause a natural abortion, described in this guide.

5. Tansy

Tansy is a natural contraceptive and abortifacient safely used to interrupt unwanted pregnancy. Use only dry grass and flowers and tansy oil is not fatal. Also avoid tansy ragwort- a known toxin. You should seek help from a midwife or a herbalist to identify tansy to use this home remedy for abortion. You can safely take 10 drops of tincture of tansy in warm every 2-3 hours or until water starts bleeding. If this herbal remedy abortion should not go to hospital because the herb could cause unwanted side effects on the fetus.

6. angelica root

This herb contraction is activated to terminate the pregnancy. It is best used in the first week of pregnancy to be effective.Dosage angelica as abortion :. ¼ root deep in one liter of hot water to drink several times a day until bleeding


7. The black cohosh and red

black cohosh and red teas can terminate pregnancy by inducing premature labor. Drink a cup of black cohosh followed cup red cohosh, in the first week of pregnancy. This remedy comes with some harmful side effects so it is best taken under the supervision of an experienced herbalist.

8. Sesame seeds

Any food that generates heat in the body can terminate pregnancy and sesame seeds are one of them. Eat sesame seeds morning (first soaked in hot water during the night). Do this for 2-3 weeks until the pregnancy ends.

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9. Pineapples

There is a lot of debate on pineapple consumption during pregnancy. Many women have experienced miscarriage by eating pineapples in the early days of pregnancy. You can eat pineapple slices and fresh juice drink. You can use this method of natural abortion with other herbal remedies mentioned in this publication.

10. Dong quai (Chinese angelica)

Dong Quai relaxes the uterus and can reset periods in the early days of pregnancy. It leads to severe uterine contractions when taken with high doses of vitamin C dose dong quai for abortion is: Start with 1000 mg as soon as you suspect pregnancy. Follow this with vitamin C and black cohosh tea, then take the second dose of 800 mg. This should lead to the detection, after which you can take a third or fourth dose of dong quai. This will help restart menstruation in a single day.

11. Parsley

parsley tea can lead to miscarriages in early pregnancy. Drinking parsley tea every few hours and also take a high dose of vitamin C and Dong Quai to restart the bleeding.

12. Aspirin

A study has found that women who took aspirin and NSAIDs in their early pregnancy were more likely to have an abortion than those who did not. You can take a dose of 2-4 tablets every 2 hours. maximum dose of aspirin per day is 8000 mg; do not exceed that. You can also take a hot bath and drink parsley tea to make this more effective remedy.

hot shower 13.

Hot showers help induce uterine contractions and relax muscles to abort the pregnancy naturally. Use this herbal remedy with other abortive described above.

14. Having sex

Having an orgasm in the first weeks of pregnancy can sometimes cause miscarriage. Use this resource with other natural remedies for abortion described above.

The top 14 home remedies to abort the pregnancy are generally safe. However, if he has tried for several days, but you are not seeing results, be sure to visit your doctor without delay.

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