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How Sweet Potatoes Can Help Prevent Blindness And Help You Lose Weight (Plus Recipe)

Sweet potatoes have always been a staple ingredient in some of the tastiest dinners and desserts too. The reasons are unknown but are really solid. They are usually sweet, but do not contain sugar in abundance. Sweet potatoes could help the visually impaired and with your weight reduction.


How sweet potatoes can help prevent blindness

Can you imagine a food so tasty helps prevent blindness? As, vitamin A is known leading cause of blindness. According to WHO (World Health Organization), vitamin A deficiency leads to increased risk of death from many infections. Vitamin A deficiency has about 250 million young children, worldwide.

The bio fortification of sweet potato is in South Africa, and sweet potatoes are a staple food in the region. This is a healthy plant and contains lots of beta-carotene. Our body converts beta-carotene from potatoes, vitamin A. imported potato has helped people in specific areas get the necessary support for its existence. In addition, adaptability has allowed potatoes to find their biological strength in South Africa and allowed individuals to have their sweet potatoes way to collect these vegetables in very dry and firm surface.

How sweet potatoes can help lose weight

We know that sweet potatoes can prevent blindness, but its benefits cognition does not stop there. Did you know that sweet potatoes can also help you lose weight?

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Sweet potatoes contain a compound that can increase the level of adiponectin in the body, the hormone that helps regulate sugar levels in the blood. Since they are low-glycemic foods, which remain longer in the digestive tract, which helps control appetite. To exit sweet potato, useful as possible, then you have to consider how you will prepare them better boiling or steaming instead of grilling. If roast sweet potatoes lose some of their nutrients and vitamins.

Sweet potatoes are a source of fiber and usually will help you stay fuller for longer. If you eat sweet potato medium size will give 4 grams of fiber.

As is known, sweet potatoes contain a lot of vitamin A, and serves for visual improvement, vitamin A can provide better welfare for your eyes and bones.

Recipe Roundup

As seen it is necessary to incorporate more sweet potatoes in your diet. If you do not know how to do, then you have to use formulas accompaniment.

sweet potato and carrot soup

This extraordinary velvety soup noon, which can be ready in minutes. Just throw together the potatoes and carrots in a little water. If you are a vegetable lover, this is a substitute for chicken soup.

sweet potato latkes heated

Make your delicious sweet potato latkes grinding sweet potatoes, then after the mixture with flour, eggs, cinnamon and nutmeg. You can take 12 latkes is enough for the entire crew.

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sweet potato wedges

potato wedges contain less fat and offer much more complete than standard potato flavor. Serve with ham or pork. All the preparation and cooking time 45 minutes.

Browns Apple and sweet potato hash

apples and sweet potatoes combine well together. Mix pieces of apples and sweet potatoes cooked so you can take a healthy serving of potato tans. There are many ways to make apple and sweet potato hash tans, but you have to stay away from recipes that use margarine or other undesirable substances.

Sweet potatoes are full of beta-carotene and other healthful substances. Its ability to help prevent visual impairment and lose weight, make better skin, eyes and other body wellness, will make to add to their diet.

source: http: //www.healthyfoodheadlines.com/

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