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How Smart Phones Destroy Children’s Brain

There is a new trend nowadays, which is seen in almost everyone, and in many cases are aware of it! It happens all the time, especially in restaurants when we are surrounded by families with children, who are strangely quiet. What is more strange, that neither eat nor speak to each other or to their parents. It is the electronic magic thing that attracts your attention all the time .

has to stress that these electronic machines can be very useful if used for educational purposes, different games parent`s easier and works sitter`s baby while taking care of them. If parents, for example, use the latest`s technological devices on one side by their needs, on the other hand, if they let their children simply waste their time in them, it means that they have abandoned their job as good parents and let the children on their own, to do whatever they want with these inventions. Here are some of the following harmful effects of these inventions.

brain Increased time DISPLAY

do not always have screen time been problematic. Before the invention of smartphones and popular tablets, it was television that children feel admired forehead. What’s more, the children used to go to a picnic, participate in various school activities, and be out in the open more. But today it is very evident, according to many statistics made for children to have replaced the aforementioned time with screen time!

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This is extremely dangerous, especially if it becomes a habit `s child in the first three years of his early childhood. According to almost all the results they have achieved .. The American Association of Pediatrics has made some limitations in terms of age for screening is concerned. Until they are two, about 90% of children watch television, and while growing up, you can afford the detection time.

That is why today, there is a huge gap in the communication process within teenagers. What’s more they have no idea what that means reality. But one thing is certain, his best friends, its all what your cell phones , which keeps them away from real life.

SCREENS at every turn

Most households in modern times are full of the latest technological inventions. It is not the laptop computer, different types of TVs, realistically keeps children away detection whenever you feel so.

What screen time makes a child’s brain

When speaking of babies, it should be stressed that the best thing for them is reading and, definitely play different types of games. Different educational programs can also be very useful.

must not forget that children are only human beings. They should be taken care of a lot, it is why should communicate a lot, we talk to them, so they can develop their cognitive abilities as much as possible human interaction is the best way for children to grow. This is also an ideal way to keep them away from the above mentioned technological trends shape. Human interaction provides a healthy and rational and extroverted thinking. It is against alienation and other similar human deformities.

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All these things will be reflected when children go to school, how they will accept and be accepted by the other students, the amount of power will be at creating healthy friendships, and these are just some of the reasons why parents should follow these steps ..

therefore, the more patient you are with your children, rather than talk and arguments that will be given to them, they manage to keep their children from technological devices … Do not forget to create a culture of reading books, which are the best windows to the world.


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