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How She Lost 12 Pounds With These Simple Tricks, Get Rid Of Belly Fat in a Week!

How She Lost 12 Pounds With These Simple Tricks, Get Rid Of Belly Fat in a Week!

most people struggling with excess weight have long known that it is impossible to melt fat overnight, especially if you are sitting and doing nothing.

The only answer to eliminate belly fat is the right combination of aerobic exercise and regulation of the daily diet. Kate Adams, editor of books on health and nutrition, and founder of the club “belly up Club” is like many of us have fallen into the trap of every day sitting in front of a computer, which had led to being overweight and storage of fat deposits in the stomach and hips.

has developed an exceptional program of exercise and diet with which it is possible to lose 7 pounds in just 7 days.

The fastest way to get rid of belly fat

a lot of knowledge and experience gathered during his ten years of work, Kate has developed a program one that offers more than good results. In the first week she lost 7 pounds, and in the next two months, lost another 25 pounds of body weight. I know that when you look at your stomach falls into depression – and the thought that will not fit into the swimsuit or bikini makes you really angry. Do not despair, most women are feeling the same as you do, make sure you are not alone, especially now, in the spring, many of us have this passion, therefore monitors and lack of confidence . With proper diet and exercise, you can achieve great results and to eliminate belly fat. Kate shared her newfound secret at first only with friends, and then founded the now famous club.

The first step to lose weight

Take note of what, when and how much. Also write down your measurements so that then can be compared with the results that have been achieved. You may think that is completely unnecessary, but the notes will certainly help make a plan and make you realize your weaknesses in the application of the diet. It is necessary to rest, because cortisol -. A stress hormone that is released this time is forcing our bodies to store fat deposits in the stomach

How to remove belly fat in a week – Step number two

to remove stomach fat, you need to strictly follow the plan that appears on eight points – which are used by all club members Kate:

you need to eat 3 main meals day and 5 small snack consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables.


not be hungry. If you crave for salty snacks, it would be best to replace them with healthy snacks.

Start your day with a glass of warm water with squeezed lemon. Hot water with lemon helps easier and much faster removal of fat deposits in the stomach. During the day, drink at least eight glasses only consume warm water or herbal tea without sugar mild.

Preparation of drink with lemon: In a glass of warm water and squeeze half a lemon drink as soon as you wake up with an empty stomach. During the day, it is recommended that you take two or three glasses of water with lemon. If you can not stand the taste of sour lemon you can add stevia to sweeten a little.

Be sure to try to avoid bread during the day, instead of sandwiches, is healthier than eating a bowl of vegetable soup healing.

Replace sweets with seasonal fruit or some squares of black high-quality chocolate.

Be careful with salt. Saltier avoid food that stimulates water retention in the body that makes you feel bloated. If you need the salt, using Himalayan salt is recommended.

Eat slowly and peacefully, and I do not do it in front of the television or computer.

Reduce portions on your plate. At first you may you all very hard work, but trust me, you will soon feel much better and easier way to burn belly fat and will not be overeating – which is today very often among the population .

What foods are recommended for weight loss?

organic oatmeal is always a good choice, as they are full of fiber and do not cause flatulence and a feeling of fullness is created. Yogurt is excellent for a snack, and can be completed with honey and fresh seasonal fruit. A big advantage is that it helps digestion and metabolism. Avoid yogurt with low fat content as it improves stomach bloating – still regularly drink probiotic yogurt. fruit acids contained in nuts, avocados, various seeds and black chocolate are very healthy and you can eat every day. Green tea is an antioxidant that is good for the health of the whole body and helps with stomach fat to be quickly melted. It influences the regulation of blood sugar, and is an excellent diuretic. Cucumber is also an excellent food that helps remove excess fluid from the body. Eating with the crust, because it causes the body to digest better and helps to quickly remove the excess oil and fat from the abdomen.


sweet snacks you can afford to eat every day:

– A bowl of berries,

– A small banana,

– pear or peach bark

– One fig

– A tangerine

– 3 – 4 small squares of black chocolate,

– a glass of freshly squeezed juice of fresh fruit,

– graham crackers with fruit

– half of an avocado

snacks. salt can afford to eat every day:

– Two pieces of medium-sized ham and fresh cherry tomato,

– a cup of plain yogurt,

-. a handful of stone fruit

What exercises are recommended to burn belly fat quickly

Some simple exercises will help quickly get to the finish line. Take 30 minutes a day to exercise to get a perfectly flat stomach in a week, and be persistent, do not give up easily.

Exercise No. 1:

had to be put on the back, bend your legs and lift only the upper body. The view must diverting the ceiling. Repeat this exercise in 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Exercise No. 2:

Lie on your back, with your legs slightly bent knees, arms raised toward the ceiling. With the breath lift the upper body, and with a gasp return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise in 4 sets of 8 repetitions.

Exercise 3:

Lying on your back, lift your legs at right angles, and put your hands on your head. Now push your elbows as you can backwards. From this position, touch the left knee with the right elbow and vice versa. Do three sets of 8 repetitions. These exercises are excellent to quickly remove fat from the abdomen.

tested recipes for the removal of the stomach

The combination of a healthy and natural diet with a regular schedule of meals and daily exercises for the stomach returns the expected result. Kate Adams, with the help of this great recipe easily managed and quickly removes unwanted fat from the abdomen.

is required:

– 6 tablespoons cinnamon

– 4 tablespoons honey

– 6 dl water [

Preparation: Boil water and let cool slightly, then fill it with cinnamon and honey and mix well. You need to drink this potion 4 times a day. Cinnamon is a great purifier stored fat and deposited from the waist. Before breakfast, drink this potion required on an empty stomach. Besides being the magic recipe will make your skin fresh and soft …

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