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How putting down your smartphone can save your toddler’s self-esteem

By Amy K. Williams

As parents, it is clear that our children begin life with a clean slate and unlimited promise. We strive to make sure you get adequate nutrition, access to early childhood education, and foster healthy relationships between peers. However, while we focus on counting objects in groups of two or teach color words, we often overlook how our own relationship with technology can negatively impact our child’s self-esteem .

The role our technology plays Development El Niño
It’s no secret that we rely on our technology to keep in touch with friends or family, check your work email, pay bills, and keep -Date in social networks. Unfortunately, our connectivity could distract us. All our travel and slide can be accidentally damaging the self-esteem of our children. Which can manifest in anxiety and depression in our children. Instead of interacting with our children and building their confidence, our actions are sending a message to our children that are not important enough to warrant our attention.

Although these results are alarming in their own rights, we must also consider how our devices could affect the developing brain of our baby. Doctors and educators have long known that between birth and three years is “critical period” for brain development. Traditionally, children have received neural stimuli us and the world around them. However, current technology is changing the system time served, puts us in a precarious situation, potentially stunting of brain development baby child or to not provide the necessary stimulus necessary.

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In addition, it would be necessary to examine how new research suggests children (under three years) receiving a digital device such as a smartphone or tablet to calm down or to divert their attention could have impaired capacity to learn self-regulation . The same researchers are even noticing a decrease in the ability of children to develop the skills necessary for scientific and mathematical thinking. This is critical, because the brain changes that occur today are the basis of all subsequent development of the function is built in, good or bad.

5 Techniques to hang smartphones to our children
The first step to solving this problem is the knowledge of how our relationship with technology can affect the welfare of our children. take it to the next level by implementing the following techniques:

  • Give yourself a set amount of time each day to use your smartphone. Assign a half hour or forty-five minutes to fall into social networks or text messages to a friend. The key, however, is to turn off after the time is up and to be present with our children.
  • Zone out. Develop areas of the house where they are not allowed phones and devices. For many families in these areas are typically the table, bedrooms, bathrooms or.
  • is never too early to start talking about technology should be the role of the family. Even young children can understand bullying and media At the beginning of these discussions when the child is small, can be built on this basis that the child grows and ensure they have the skills to live in an increasingly digital world.
  • Lead by example. Our children are watching and imitating our every move. They are realizing the value we place on our phones and devices that can influence their future relations with technology and their children. We may be starting a vicious cycle that will follow our children and their children ” in the coming years.
  • wait until a child is older than three to before allowing children to play with the phone or technology. maximize their development by allowing children hear words, see facial expressions, and learn through play.
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On a positive note
Fortunately, with options intentional smartphones, we can put our devices to empower children by reclaiming an active role in the development of our children and control their access
content damage .

Being more present and focused, we will be able to get a healthy balance with technology. Our children are small and impressionable for a small time window so we need to maximize the years are given.

How are you going to put your smartphone today and make this a reality?

Amy Williams is a journalist who lives in Southern California. As a mother of two, she hopes to use his experience as a parent to help other parents to raise their children to be the best they can be.

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