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How Much Water Do You Need Daily?

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We’ve all heard that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the right amount for us, but is that really true? Let’s check the amount of water you need to do every day!

I know I drink water like a horse, and drink three to five cups with my midday meal alone. If I had to only drink eight glasses of water a day, probably they wither and die of thirst. Therefore the amount of water is what I really need? The amount needed?

Your body knows best

When it comes to drinking water, listen to your body. It will tell you: “Hey buddy, how about a little moisture I’m getting a little dry around here?”

Your mouth will get a little dry, and you will find that your head feels full of wool when you need to drink bad water. When you get to this level, it means that you are in dire need of hydration. In fact, if you notice that your mouth is very dry, your body is probably already suffering from a lack of water.

His thirst is only noticeable when the concentration of blood increases by about 2%, and dehydration starts only around 5%.

Very few of us realize that our mouths are leathery and dry throughout the day, as we are very busy people. When we realize, usually we take steps to drink more water, and we feel very good that we are solving our problem thirst.

However, drinking more water than we are used to actually be good for your health!

You’ve probably heard that drinking water can help make it easier weight loss, and studies in 2003, 2007 and 2008 you showed that increasing water intake can help your body burn more calories, reduce the amount of food you eat, and speed up your metabolism.

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Water can help you lose weight, but the main way it does this is by filling the stomach and to eat and drink things that increase the amount of calories from your body.

So how much is enough?

The Institute of Medicine has determined the amount of water the man or woman needs to drink average to be healthy:

Men -. The average man should drink 3.7 liters or 15 glasses of water a day

Women -. The average woman should drink 2.7 liters or 11 cups of water a day

That is much more than the 8 glasses of those who are used to drinking! The good news is that it is not necessary to get all the water simply by drinking!

The recommendations above is for the total water consumption, which means fluid in all its forms. Water can come from fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, and, yes, even beer! (I know what I’ll do to increase my fluid intake this weekend!)

Lifehack: Make the drinking water every hour on the hour a habit. If you drink a cup every hour, you will get more than the 8 glasses per day. Once you get used to drink a glass every hour, it will be easy to drink 2 or 3 cups per hour. You’ll have to urinate more, but help us regulate your body!

A word to the wise: Cut flavored drinks

Drinking more water is the smart thing to do, but many people choose by drinking other liquids in order to increase its total water intake during the day.

While drinking soda, coffee, tea, beer and other drinks will help you get more fluids in your body, you are doing two things wrong:

  1. add calories -. above All drinks have calories, which means that it will add extra calories to your diet and take more energy to burn to avoid gaining weight
  2. The addition of Wrong nutrients – coffee and tea both contain healthy nutrients, but usually are accompanied by sugar and milk. Both beer and soft drinks have lots of sugar and calories, so just going to go straight to your gut.

The truth is that water is best to drink for more liquid and properly hydrated!

is a drink without calories, so you do not have to worry about increasing the amount of food you eat each day. There is nothing harmful in drinking water so that toxins and chemicals are not a concern with water.

Lifehack: Find fruits and vegetables that are rich in water and low in calories and stay hydrated the way of tasty, low fat. Watermelons and strawberries are both 92% water, and can get about 115 grams of water from an apple or tomato red. Getting enough water and keep the low calorie intake by eating these fruits and vegetables healthy!


Add more water to your diet, and not be content with only the minimum glass of 11 to 15. It will do your body a lot of good to get more water, so to the bottom!

Source: Healthambition.com

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