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How Martial Arts Boosts Your Focus and Concentration


‘ve always considered martial arts as being a great form of exercise and of course a lot of fun to do! Since I started almost a year ago, I learned a lot of amazing techniques, I improved my boxing skills and sparring, and even lost weight! But who knew it would be much more attention and concentration after doing it for almost a year? Check out how the martial arts his approach increases …

The benefits of martial arts

A study was conducted in 1994 [1] how martial arts can affect children and adolescents, and the results showed that a curriculum of martial arts could actually help improve behavioral habits of young people at risk. It is amazing how many martial arts can change your life, as I know it has changed mine.

There are a couple of benefits of martial arts that can be seen with the naked eye:

Fitness – I lost about 25 pounds since I started doing martial arts and it has been a lot of fun in the process. Without getting bored of running on a treadmill, it is tedious weight lifting – everything has been fun throwing punches, kicks, jumps and doing all the tricks of crazy martial arts

posture and balance -. learning the “forms” has helped improve both my posture and balance. I’ve done yoga – which involves standing on one foot -., But martial arts allowed me to move in complete control of my body

However, it has amazed me how my focus and concentration has improved since I started doing martial arts!

How my focus and concentration has improved

You might think throwing blows, shouting “Kiai” every few seconds, and kick people would be easy but not really! Not only I have to make sure to hit them in a place that counts as a point in combat training – head, chest, stomach and sides – but I have to have control not to hit sensitive spots [

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I have to control my movements so that my leg too big, too heavy does not kick someone too hard on the head, and requires a lot of concentration and accuracy to strike glancing blows off an opponent who swayed from side to you.

I am a very big person, and I have long legs that give me greater reach. Unfortunately, those legs are also very heavy, since I am a strong man. This means that more effort to throw and throw punches is needed, and I’m much stronger than my opponents. I have to concentrate on every movement, or what I can knock someone -. The accident, of course

When we are doing in fighting for points or participate in friendly matches, it’s hard not hit people too hard when I get frustrated. – A lot of concentration to pull that punch or kick rapped let my opponent’s helmet is needed. When all you want to do is power through the kick and get the fight for

The forms also require a lot of concentration. Not only do I have to focus on the movement of my hands, but my foot position and my position requires a concentration as I move through the postures or “-” katas. I can not go through the motions of forms quickly, but I have to make sure that everyone is done with precision and power.

martial arts are more about breathing, and are supposed to channel their inner energy – known as chi, qi or ki – on every shot. That is what is supposed to sound “Kiai” to do. They help focus on putting a lot of power behind those punches and kicks specific, and that force you to channel that inner energy.

It’s amazing how much energy can be put into those punches if you focus on breathing, moving properly, and channel that inner energy.

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The truth about martial arts

While the sport is all about fun, challenge, and capacity, the truth is that it is much more than a sport. I have found that martial arts has benefited me in many ways, and I became a better person (read about it in a future post …).

Many parents and teachers worry that martial arts will make your children turn violent, the truth is that violence is something that each of us has deep within us. That primordial spirit warrior is always trying to get out, but in this modern day and age that the spirit has no place in a peaceful society. martial arts helps channel that warrior spirit, and harness it forever.

Yes, martial arts has to do with punches and kicks people, but I’ve found that for me is not hitting or kicking people – or hit control and focus. I have learned that the best way for me to win matches sparring is not about winning at any price, but about winning with dignity. Sure, I could knock over my opponents with a flying kick, but that does not make me a better person.

The control and focus it takes to win without hurting others! – That’s what makes me a better person and a better martial artist

[1] Glanz, J. (1994, May). An intervention school / currucular martial ars program for students at risk. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Safe Schools Coalition in ‘Gangs, Schools and Communit’, Orlando, FL (ERIC Service Document No Ed 375347)

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