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How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

If you are a casual or regular user, the effects of smoking marijuana can last much longer than the peaceful easy feeling is until after toking obtained. While high can put on in just a few seconds of the first set, and just last an hour or two at most, the chemicals that make them so potent marijuana stay in your system for much longer. This can be disconcerting if you have to undergo testing for various reasons, either because of their work or other requirements.


For how long can be detected marijuana?

“With water-soluble drugs, traces can be eliminated in a matter of days by increasing fluid intake and urination, but THC the active component marijuana remains in the fat cells much longer “

Unlike many other drugs that are much more dangerous, cannabinoids boat are not soluble in water but are soluble in grease; With water-soluble drugs, traces can be eliminated in a matter of days through increased fluid intake and urination, but THC the active component of marijuana remains in fat cells for much longer. drug testing for verification of the presence of cannabis carboxy-THC, which is a metabolite of decomposition of marijuana. Research on reintoxication with THC indicates that the time during which you can detect the use of weeds will depend on your metabolism rate, body fat percentage, and to some extent by levels of stress and diet.

interruption of marijuana, no help eliminate THC from your body immediately as THC levels can actually reach their peak days after marijuana use is stopped. Unfortunately, unlike alcohol, it does not know how fast THC is metabolized or how long trace amounts remain detectable in urine or blood. However, a study published in the journal Therapeutic Drug Monitoring suggests that the use of marijuana can be detected for up to about 100 days after consumption.

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Marijuana presence in urine

urine testing is the most common method of testing for cannabis use. Frequency of consumption is perhaps one of the biggest factors of influence on the levels of THC metabolites in the body. On the basis of results of the National Drug Court Institute timeline of the presence of marijuana in urine based on consumption patterns can be described as follows:

occasional Pot Users

If only smoke weed occasionally, they have nothing to worry about. Cannabinoids are unlikely to remain in your system for much longer than one to three days. Within a week, your body must be free of all traces of marijuana, at least with current methods of detection through urinalysis.

Returning Users Pot

Frequent users get a positive test for at least a week to 10 days after your last use, but is unlikely to show any presence of cannabinoids after this period. Again, this is only valid with urine tests.

The Pot chronic

users Habitual marijuana users should be concerned about not only the harmful effects of excessive consumption of pot, but also by the presence of metabolites of THC on your system. Traces of cannabinoids are likely to be detectable by a month or even longer after smoking his last joint. In some cases, the traces can be found up to 3 months after the last use. The longest duration recorded for detection in trials to date is 67 days.

Marijuana presence in the blood

Contrary to popular belief, urine tests are more effective to detect marijuana. Presence of THC metabolites in blood are more difficult to detect because its level decreases rapidly after consumption due to rapid absorption into the tissues. In chronic users However, the fat tissues of the body or may already be saturated with THC, which blood levels may remain elevated for several days as THC molecules leech into the bloodstream as the liver continues to metabolize them. Again, it is the presence of marijuana is only likely to be detectable by a maximum of about 3 months after chronic use, but this can vary depending on the percentage of body fat.

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To remove traces of cannabinoids out of his system would help to follow practices that are all healthy ways. While they are not guaranteed to work, you could try to keep fat through exercise and healthy eating . An active lifestyle will also help increase the metabolism of your body, which for the most rapid decomposition and removal of marijuana derivatives from the body. Similarly, maintain good hydration will accelerate the elimination of waste and also will dilute the urine. Of course, the most effective way to ensure that you have no way marijuana in his system would stop drinking alcohol altogether.

This post is part of the initiative TheHealthOrange to offer our readers an unbiased view towards marijuana. We recognize the fact that marijuana is quickly becoming a world lifestyle and maintain a neutral position on the issue. However, we would like to warn our readers that possession and consumption of marijuana is illegal in India and TheHealthOrange n no way endorses the same

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