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How Dark Chocolate Nutrition Helps Your Skin?

The black chocolate, also known as :. bitter chocolate, semisweet chocolate, sweet chocolate black

What is the dark chocolate?

The black chocolate is the kind of chocolate that has no added milk solids. It has a definite chocolate unlike what we find in the consumption of milk chocolate flavor. The lack of milk solids ensures that nothing interferes with the taste of chocolate. At the same time, the lack of these additives indicates that milk chocolate is comparatively black chalky in texture, dry and even bitter to taste.

Dark Chocolate Nutrition Facts

What are the key ingredients of dark chocolate?

The key ingredients found in any healthy black bar chocolate are cocoa beans, an emulsifier such as soy lecithin to retain moisture, sugar and flavorings such as vanilla.

The black chocolate nutrition may be more commonly distinguished by the percentage of cocoa solids present in the bar. The amount of cocoa present in commercial chocolate tablets black typically vary from about 30% (dark sweet) up to 70%, 75%, and sometimes as much as over 80%, in very dark bars. Some terms used mostly to make a difference in the cocoa content of chocolate tablets are black-semi-sweet, sour, sweet and black chocolate.

Why dark chocolates are not popular compared to other types?

Dark chocolates are not as popular as its milky, sweet counterparts because there are certain nutrition facts of negative dark chocolate that can hurt you if you eat too much of it. These are as follows-

  • The high level of caffeine in black chocolate can make you jittery if they are not used to it.
  • chocolate is best to avoid this if they face a severe migraine pain, regular, because it contains tyramine, a natural chemical linked to migraine.
  • The black chocolate also carries oxalates, which are known to raise the level of urinary excretion of oxalate and lead to the formation of kidney stones. This is especially applicable for those who have problems with their kidneys.
  • The black chocolate is not as tasty as chocolate milk chocolate or sweetened forms.

However, milk consumption along with the black chocolate can simultaneously reduce their impact as milk antioxidant joins antioxidants to keep them away from their function.

Dark Chocolate Nutrition for Health:

You must have thought the chocolate is a guilty pleasure, however, to his surprise, the ancient Maya considered it the food of the gods because to the long list of nourishments of black chocolate.

Indeed, chocolate is really a healthy food. We should mention here that is healthy, as long as no dark chocolates and chocolate with sweetened milk is consumed. The basic fact is, the darker the chocolate is, the healthier it is.
Here are some reasons why you should choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate.

1. Dark chocolates help lose weight because they are heavy, and therefore more stuffing.
2. dark chocolates have anti-aging properties.
3. dark chocolates have more cocoa polyphenols, their presence in the dark chocolates are more bioavailable.

Not only delicious black chocolate, but also has natural plant substances known as flavonoids that provide remarkable health and beauty benefits. Note in this context, that the only type of chocolate that can deliver the appropriate and necessary health along with beauty benefits is chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa. Unfortunately, it does not take into account the chocolates found in candy stores. These chocolates are simply packaged sugars and fats.

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What are the flavanols and why are they so important?

The black chocolate nutrition is derived from natural substances aforementioned plants present in cocoa flavanols. They help relax blood vessels, thus reducing blood pressure. Keep platelets from becoming sticky is reducing the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes.

The flavanols help improve the appearance and overall health of our skin. It is flavonoids that reduce the production of stress hormones that help maintain younger looking skin.

flavanol cocoa are antioxidants that help protect our skin from harmful ultraviolet sun damage, fight free radicals and facilitates blood flow. This means less skin problems as the number of sunspots, and an impressive glow of the skin. An important advantage of the flavanols is improved hydration and skin thickness, which promotes more healthy, young and flawless skin.

Nutrition Facts dark chocolate:

The black chocolate is incredibly nutritious. 100 grams of black chocolate with 70-85% cocoa contains:

  • 11 grams of fiber.
  • 67% RDA of iron.
  • 58% RDA for magnesium.
  • 89% of the RDA for copper.
  • 98% RDA of manganese.
  • high amount of phosphorus, zinc, potassium and selenium.


All these nutrients come with 600 calories and a little sugar. There are other benefits of dark chocolates, however, it will make those calories seem fine to consume:

  • dark chocolate nutrition helps increase HDL and LDL also protects against oxidation.
  • risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced.
  • lowers cholesterol and acts as a stress buster.
  • also improves the function of the human brain

Nutrition dark skin chocolate:

Dark Chocolate Nutrition benefits

If you think that eating dark chocolates they are very unhealthy for the skin, then it is time to think again. It fall into a sweet not cause any break outs.

The black chocolate with little or no sugar and high level of cocoa is rich in vitamins, minerals and harmless to the skin that help keep skin radiant and clear ingredients. Dark chocolates are also abundant in antioxidants that nourish our skin. We have shortlisted five reasons why you should include black chocolate in your beauty regimen:

  • dark chocolate repair dry skin. Calcium, iron and vitamins :. A, B1, C, D, E are some of the nutrients that we receive from dark chocolates
  • substitute a cup of tea or any other drink a full glass of drink rich cocoa and actually will make happy.
  • At the same time, cocoa deeply moisturizes the skin leaving a lasting, healthy shine.
  • get rid of dead skin cells with a homemade chocolate exfoliating mask made of brown sugar, olive oil, vanilla and cocoa powder.
  • black chocolate acts as a shield against harmful UV rays. The flavonoids in chocolate black have been clinically proven to help fight sunburn skin, redness, along with other forms of UV damage.
  • When applied to the skin, directly, the ability to moisturize and heal body parts that are exposed regularly under the sun is acquired.
  • The black chocolate reduces wrinkles and lines greatly.
  • Cocoa also helps in reducing stress hormones, which indicate lower collagen degradation in the skin and lead to fewer wrinkles. It’s like eating to be enough.
  • The black chocolate helps to add that extra sparkle and shine. Any hair mask made of homemade black unsweetened chocolate with some other ingredients like yogurt and honey, will help you achieve those beautiful shiny locks that has always fought for.
  • Furthermore dark chocolate also promotes hair growth. Copper, iron and zinc are minerals that promote cell renewal process, and dark chocolates are filled with these minerals. Therefore consuming a decent amount of black chocolate a day will increase the level of oxygen and blood flow to the scalp leading to hair strong and healthy, and beautiful.
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What to look for when you’re buying dark chocolates?

looking for the black chocolate that has 70 percent cocoa, at least, it is indeed an intelligent and proactive start, since only these bars will be able to give black chocolate nutrition you need. Most chocolate bars have this information printed on the label in front if produced with at least 70% cocoa. You can not find this information on the label, check the back.

If you find that the first ingredients are milk and sugar, which bar most likely, does not contain the amount of cocoa you need to take advantage of health and beauty you are looking from the nutrition black chocolate.

In this context, we note that, to squeeze the maximum nutrition black chocolate, which is essential to eat chocolate not all at once but in portions. Two or three ounces a week will rightly help you get the benefits of black chocolate flavanols effective. Having once a day as part of a snack or dessert is fine, too.

Studies in time have shown that the antioxidant polyphenols- compounds- allow blood vessels to dilate therefore reducing blood pressure. Unfortunately, the amount of polyphenols should not be the first thing to turn into a black chocolate bar. It is cocoa powder that reduces oxidation in the blood increases secretion of nitric oxide, a gas that expands our blood vessels making easier blood flow.

The black chocolate has 1,664 milligrams of polyphenols in 100 grams offering in eighth place in the list of the 100 best foods. Clove, beat all ingredients cocoa powder and polyphenols.

Cocoa provides protection against cardiovascular disease, but this does not mean that people should eat a lot of chocolate every day, because it is easy to eat more luxury such bars loaded with calories.

Consider the different types of chocolate on the market that claim to be healthy. The darker the chocolate is, the less sugar it contains and the healthier it is for you. Therefore, enjoy the benefits of dark chocolate and live life to the fullest.

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