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How ban on smoking can save lives

You should be aware of secondhand smoke; even secondhand smoke can increase the risk of heart and lung diseases. An expert report inferred that even secondhand smoke itself can raise the risk of heart attack in people suffering from heart disease.

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“The report states that the eradication of smoking in workplaces, bars, restaurants and other public places is a very effective way to protect Americans from effects of secondhand smoke, especially in the cardiovascular system, “Thomas R. Frieden, director of the CDC, MD, MPH, says in a press release.

Research on the impact of smoking bans on cardiovascular risk and the relationship between heart disease and secondhand smoke has been reviewed by the Institute of Medicine.
Studies show that even insignificant exposure to secondhand smoke can cause blood clotting and blood vessels contract, which lead to heart attacks.

At the press conference held in San Francisco, University of California, physician and researcher smoking warned people with heart disease to stay away from secondhand smoke because it may cause immediate threat to life. Even people who are vulnerable to heart problems may experience stroke and other problems in the influence of secondhand smoke.
also he added that since many people are not aware that they have any heart disease or not, until they have a heart attack, they are more likely to be at risk.

“Even if you think you’re perfectly healthy, secondhand smoke could be a potential threat to you,” he said.

Smoking Kills and the ban remains in need

Studies show that secondhand smoke damages the heart, but the magnitude of the risk is not so clear.

Studies suggest that secondhand smoke increases the risk of heart disease by 25% to 30%, even in a nonsmoker. However, the panel believes that there is insufficient evidence to assess the risk.

And after investigations, it is now clear that the wider administration of the smoking ban in public places could save lives, Friedman said.

saving life with the smoking ban is what led to the initial implementation and to an extent it was successful. However, it was found that three in four adults suffer from a higher risk factor for heart disease, while only 40% of Americans live in areas smoking ban.

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