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How Alkaline Water Kills Cancer Cells and How to Prepare It!

alkaline is able to eliminate toxins, eliminate cancer and increase metabolism. This research was conducted in Japan, now being tested again to see if this alkaline water might work for everyone. Did you know that the Japanese live longer than any other country?


By reading this article you will find how to make your own alkaline with only 3 ingredients. Alkaline water is able to eliminate cancer and support a system shaped body. It today and wake up tomorrow feeling healthier and large.

Did you know that everything around you has a pH value? An example is the rainwater, which has a pH of 7 and is known to be neutral. All tissues and organs in the human body has a pH value.

Why is alkaline water good for you?

The human body is composed of 80% water, the pH values ​​can damage your health like any disease. By consuming a glass of alkaline water will do wonders to your body.

Symptoms of an acidic body are poor immunity, fatigue, headaches and stomach aches. Drowning in alcohol, refined sugar and salt, caffeine, processed foods and salt can not do well. Having a body too acidic or too alkaline makes your healthy cells toxic, and eventually die.

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Cancer cells can not live in an alkaline body!

Alkaline water is very powerful because it can eliminate the strong acid residues without harming health any cell in the body. Drinking alkaline water off tissues allowing your body to function better.

So how do you make your own?


  • 1 teaspoon salt Himalayan
  • 2l purified water
  • 1 organic lemon, sliced ​​

How to prepare it:

Pour the water into a large pot. Place the slice of lemon and Himalayan salt in the water and stir. Cover this mixture and allowed to stand overnight. The next morning before eating anything else to drink three cups of alkaline water. It is today, and your body will be more than grateful.

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