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How 6 Hours Of Sleep Made This Woman Very Different From What She Looked Like

according to the latest experiment by scientists from London, lack of sleep affects the appearance of the skin and mental state person.

Sarah Chalmers has decided to participate in an experiment at the University of London, exploring dream and sleep. This experiment is particularly related to lack of sleep and its impact on the appearance of the skin.

Before the experiment, Sarah has tested and scanning the skin on your face.

The 46-year-old is considered to look much larger than it really is. As she says, she has expressed pores, dark circles under the eyes and dull skin. Above all, she recently noted the many spots that have appeared on the chin.

In addition, Sarah notes that it has recently been very upset and nervous, a bit clumsy and forgetful, and all that for a reason – for the days you have been sleeping less than six hours , which is two hours less than the recommended eight hours of sleep.

Lack of sleep is attributed to many professional and household commitments, such as children, as is the case with most women today.

Despite eight hours of sleep is the recommended standard, more and more people around the world have between five and six hours of sleep a maximum.

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“do not realize how lack of sleep can affect my concentration, attention and memory. Now I know that lack of sleep can also affect the appearance of my skin and my immune system, “says Sarah.

Sarah believes that this experiment which lasted for several days, in which he participated was very instructive for her.

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