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Household tasks can reduce the risk of FIVE potentially lethal diseases including diabetes

daily chores and tasks like vacuuming can dramatically reduce the likelihood of being diagnosed with one of the five life-threatening diseases.

However, researchers have determined that daily activity levels have to be five times greater than the minimum recommended by the World Health Organization.

Participants who saw the greatest health benefits of exercise, when achieved 3,000 to 4,000 MET (metabolic equivalent of task) minutes per week.

Experts said that a person can accomplish this by incorporating different types of physical activity into your daily routine, such as climbing stairs for ten minutes, vaccuuming for 15 minutes and gardening for 20 minutes, while also jogging or cycling for 45 minutes.

Previous studies have shown the benefits of exercise that has led WHO to advise MET at least 600 minutes per week, a measurement of calories burned.

US and Australian researchers analyzed data from 174 studies published between 1980 and 2016 the discussion of partnerships.

a higher level of total weekly physical activity was found was associated with a lower risk of the five conditions, but added that the amount of exercise must be “much higher” than the current recommendation

professor Hmwe Kyu, University of Washington, said: “with an aging population and an increasing number of cardiovascular deaths and diabetes since 1990, greater attention and investment in interventions to promote physical activity. It requires the public.

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“further studies using the detailed quantification of total physical activity will help to find a more accurate picture of the different levels of physical activity estimate”

professor added: “.. This is the first meta-analysis to quantify the dose-response association between total physical activity in all domains and five chronic disease risk

” the results our meta-analysis showed higher levels of total physical activity were significantly associated with a lower risk for all outcomes :. produced significant increases in the lower levels of activity and there were diminishing returns at higher levels from 3000 to 4000 minutes MET / week

“there was no evidence that the results were different between studies with a higher or lower risk of bias for activity levels occurred where most health benefits. ”

Professor Philippe Autier, of the Research Institute for International prevention, Lyon, France, reviewed the study of the magazine.

he said ‘represents a breakthrough in the treatment of disparate data by a factor of lifestyle that is very important for the prevention of chronic diseases. “

however, added that the study can not say whether the risk reductions would be different with short duration of intense physical activity or slightly longer activity.

“future studies should streamline its measurement and reporting for real increases in knowledge “he said.

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the study was published in the British Medical journal.

This comes after it was revealed a pill could mean the end of insulin injections for diabetes .

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