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Household recycling bins: how to dispose of plastic waste in your home in London

Did you know that the crispy packages are partially made of plastic and yet putting them in their recycling container is useless because they cannot be recycled? Did you know that movie tops of items such as yogurt pots cannot be recycled, nor can salad bags?

Did you also know that not washing a container before recycling could contaminate your entire load? This would mean that none of that could be recycled and that everything would have to go to the landfill or be incinerated.

Plastic recycling is complicated, made even more by the fact that in different parts of the United Kingdom, different rules apply. At Future London, we want to make it easy for you to do so, so that as much plastic waste as possible in London can be recycled.

If you are not sure what to do with adhesive film, crunchy bags, paracetamol packages and other household plastic waste, read on.

Can the adhesive film be recycled?

No. The adhesive film should be thrown away with general garbage. Why? Because, as a WRAP (Waste and Resource Action Program) explains, it is commonly made of PVC. This makes it very difficult to recycle.

Can plastic bread bags be recycled?

Strangely (in consideration of the above), yes but most likely not from home. Many of the largest supermarket stores such as Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury & # 39; s and Morrisons have collection points for plastic bags.

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What are UK supermarkets doing to reduce their use of plastic?

In these you can also place a series of things that can not be recycled at home, such as bread bags and bags of internal cereals, plastic wrapping of toilet paper rolls and tea towels, newspaper and magazine wraps, thin bags of plastic used to transport loose fruits and vegetables, bubble wrap and bags of frozen food.

"We recommend verifying this locally using the recycling recycling tool," advises WRAP. "This has data on what can be recycled in the supermarkets closest to you, so simply enter your zip code to verify."

It is also worth remembering that for home delivery from supermarkets, stores like Tesco now remove the transparent plastic bags in which foods such as meat and fish are wrapped.

Can you recycle crispy packages?

No, not at home. As WRAP explains, "Crispy packages are currently not recyclable in home recycling collections, but can be recycled through Terracycle's crisp package recycling scheme."

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All you need to do is click here to find your nearest public delivery point.

You can also find on the website how to get rid of other products that are difficult to recycle, from disposable gloves to toothbrushes. (Or do it simply by clicking here).

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Do I have to wash the plastic containers before recycling them?

Yes absolutely. You must!

"Washing any of your pots, tubs, trays and other food containers removes any food residue," explains WRAP.

"This prevents any contamination once the items arrive at the recycling facility."

Can I recycle skin care and shampoo bottles?

Sure you can! Make sure they have the covers on (since that means the covers will also be recycled) and that they have been washed and removed from any product.

If you can also crush them, to save space, do it.

Can I recycle soap bottle dispensers?

The part of the bomb? No, these should be discarded with your general waste. However, you can recycle the plastic bottle. Make sure it is washed and clean before disposal.

Can I recycle paracetamol packages?

Sadly not. As detailed in Recycle now, these should also be disposed of with your general waste. However, your cardboard packaging can be recycled a lot, along with your other cardboard waste.

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