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Honey Bandage: Heals cough in children and adults for one night!

Honey possesses high biological activity and with the help of bandage, can be disposed harmful deposits, accompanied by strong attacks of coughing.

Compression based on honey are a great tool that eliminates cough, literally overnight. Recommended for children but also and for adults.

To prepare a honey compress you will need:

Honey, Flour, Vegetable oil, Gauze, Napkin and Bandage.

How to prepare:

Mix the flour with a small amount of honey in order to get mixture to coat.

honey 1

The mixture should not glued to your hands.

You can add a little oil over the mixture and put it into flour.

honey 2

Place the mixture on a napkin and wrap it up in gauze.

honey 3

Secure the chest or back of your child with the help of bandage. Then your child should wear a shirt.

honey 4

Pay attention to the panel not to put  in the territory of the heart.

Allow to stand 2-3 hours. For a child is best while sleeping, while adults can hold it overnight.

honey 1

During this time it came to actively sweating, and possibly the bed linen to get wet. So bear in mind.

Treatment may be repeated several consecutive days, but after the first time experienced significant relief.

When using honey compresses

For coughs, honey coatings can be applied to children aged over 6 months. The child should not have skin problems or skin injuries.

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Must pay attention to the child, not to have allergy reaction towards bee products. For check in this way, apply a small amount of honey in the body of the child. If appears redness or swelling means that receives an allergic reaction, and in this case, honey compresses should be avoided.

Also it is not recommended placing compresses with honey, if the child’s temperature is higher than 37 degrees.

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