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Honey and Ginger: Combination stronger of the cancer!

honey and ginger

To prepare the medication you will need two large roots or about 500 grams and 500 grams ginger organic honey .

The peeled root and the smallest grater and mix in a suitable container with honey grater. Mix well until blended.

Thus prepared remedy consume 3-4 times a day one (non-metallic) tablespoon.

The period lasts 60 days treatment.

Can be used as prevention is recommended during the spring, once every three years.


If you can not find ginger root, ginger powder can be used.

Half a tablespoon of ginger powder mixed with a teaspoon of organic honey and consumed more than 60 days, 48 ​​hours are consumed each 2 hours, and then 3 times a day. The dish and spoon should not be metal!

The Honey and Ginger:. The strongest combination cancer first appeared in feel healthy living

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