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Homemade Shower Gel with Activated Charcoal – For Nourished and Hydrated Skin

Activated carbon has been used for medicinal purposes and beauty for many years.

Shower gel made of carbon, not only purifies the skin perfectly, but also harbors and moisturizes simultaneously.

removes all harmful acids and regenerates the skin perfectly. If you want, you can prepare itself such gel super shower:

But first, here are some facts:

– Activated carbon is an excellent absorbent of all harmful substances from the body

– Hydrates the skin

– Remove the excessive acidity of the skin, which causes oxidation and aging

– has the same effect as a sauna or bath salt steam


  1. Put 2-3 tablets activated charcoal chopped (available at the pharmacy) and add them to your shower gel. Do not be afraid if you did not mince such coal dust, the larger granules can serve as peeling skin. The resulting content of 2-3 tablets, do not add all the shower gel, but before put it in a cup or hand, and then add the shower gel and stir. This amount is for single use.
  2. Apply black gel in the sponge and enjoy the shower. The foam turn gray, but not the color of their skin. Activated carbon is very easy to wash.
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After showering skin will be smooth and clean. If any of you use a clay mask for body and face, will recognize this feeling. The effect is the same, but nothing gets dirty and is not necessary to wait for the dry clay.

is a cheap and very effective treatment and can be prepared very easy shower gel and quickly. If the activated carbon is added in the gel to wash your face goes, you get the effect of a clean face without acne and blackheads.

is excellent for oily skin. Do not use pure carbon, because then it is difficult to wash.

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