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Homemade Fermented Beets: Alkalize and Detox your Body


Beets are rich in polyphenols and betalains, both of which are antioxidants that prevent heart disease, certain cancers and birth defects. They are excellent sources of betaine, which supports the function of cells live and helps the body eliminate toxins properly. Interestingly, this vegetable picking can help you get the most out of it and reap its benefits easily!

Pickling to do naturally, without added vinegar to be nutritious and let you get the most out of the vegetable. This means you only need water and salt, which produces lacto-fermentation. lacto-fermented foods are basically regular vegetables placed in a solution of salt and water for a certain period of time at room temperature. Any vegetables can be fermented in this way and will produce lots of beneficial bacteria, particularly species of lactobacilli. This creates lactic acid bacteria, which protects food from pathogenic bacteria. What ‘s more, lacto-fermented vegetables are healthier than nutrients are predigested, meaning they assimilate more easily.

“The proliferation of lactobacilli in fermented vegetables enhances their digestibility and increases vitamin levels. These beneficial organisms produce numerous enzymes votes and antibiotic and anti-carcinogenic substances. Its main product, lactic acid, not only keeps vegetables and fruits in a state of perfect preservation but also promotes the growth of healthy flora throughout the intestine. ”


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  • 2 cups water
  • 6 medium beets
  • ½ tsp. sea ​​salt
  • Option spices: cinnamon sticks, cloves, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, mustard seeds;


-Wash thoroughly test and beet

Poke in some places and bake at 300 degrees for about three hours.

-Remove the skin and slice

-Put them in a jar of canned quart size

-Dissolve salt in water to make a brine

-pour brine on the beets

-COVER the container and keep at room temperature for three days

Transfer of container for cold storage

Source: http://besthealthyguide.com/

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