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Homemade, Easy & Cheap Christmas Decorations Ideas that You will Love!

Christmas is here and so is the time to make easy and beautiful to look at DIY Christmas decorations . Children, especially the Fast interested in making DIY decorations for Christmas. Let the creative juices flow around the family and get your hands on making Christmas decoration super fast . And we’ll show you in this video nursing home, easy and inexpensive DIY Christmas decorations ideas that will surely love!

DIY Christmas Decorations for your home

Here Let’s learn fast, super easy DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas …

There are a number of Home Decorating Ideas Christmas to give your home a complete Christmas festive feel and look. Christmas ornaments are a sign that happy holidays have begun and it is time to spread happiness and joy.

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We bring to you with a quick cheat on how to make simple and inexpensive decorations for Christmas this season to give home a festive atmosphere and look.

Material needed for DIY Christmas decorations

  • dry branch
  • Empty Bottle
  • scissors
  • Brush
  • baubles
  • Golden Craft Wire
  • Cotton
  • Adhesive
  • white ribbon
  • red tape
  • fabric color gold

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procedure to create Christmas decorations DIY

Step 1: start with the golden color. Take the dry branch and full color with golden color. Let dry completely.

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. Step 2: Take the empty bottle and wrapped around the red tape in a spiral


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. Step 3: Similarly, wrap around the bottle of white ribbon in spiral design, creating a pattern of red and white alternate on the bottle

Step 4 :. Put the branch painted gold color on the bottle

Step 5 :. Then take the artisanal gold thread and attach it to the Christmas decorations, giving a chain ornaments

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Step 6 :. With the help of craft wire, hang these colorful ornaments on the branch

Step 7 :. Hang the ornaments that strategically cover the entire branch with hanging stones

Step 8 :. Cut a piece of red paper square in dimensions of 14 cm on each side, from red paper

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Now let’s start making the Santa!

Step 9 :. Cut a corner of the square paper giving a rounded edge and give it the shape of a cone to Santa hat

Step 10 :. Apply some glue along the inner sides of the base of the cover, then glue the lid on top of the mouth of the empty pitcher

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Step 11: Take a cotton ball and shape it into a ball. Stick it on the tip of the cap Santa Claus.

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Step 12: Now, with the help of a pencil draw the eyes in an oval shape for Santa on a sheet of black paper and cut them

Step 13:. with the help of the adhesive paste these eyes in the empty bottle. Take a nozzle tube brightness and add some detail Dad’s eyes.

Step 14 :. Take a cotton ball and spread a bit to stick to the jar, which makes it look like the fluffy white beard kind of

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Step 15 :. At the end, take the decorative stars and bells and hang on golden branch and with the help of cotton balls give decorating a snow effect

fast, very easy, cheap and takes the minimum time to create a decoration for your wonderful home for this holiday season. Give Santa a happy place in your home. Put these two items of decoration in your living room, and want visitors a cheerful and happy holiday season!

What ideas are out trying to decorate your home? Give us a step forward in their preparation through their comments and spread the love with your comments!

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