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Home remedy to naturally heal the Cold Sores.

tiny, little liquid filled wounds that usually occur around the lips, nose, chin and mouth. These are called canker sores. They occur due to viral infection. Herpes simplex virus (HSV – 1) is responsible for this viral infection. This wound swollen break before discharging a liquid from it and cleans itself with one or two weeks. This cold sore virus is an infectious and can spread easily from one person to another through close personal contact. There is no permanent or complete for HSV infection cure. The virus remains dormant in the body, although cold sores are treated. The most common reasons for its occurrence are stress, change of weather, lack of sleep or your immune system we feel sad.

to get rid of cold sores very quickly and to reduce the frequency of recurrence, this is a very effective home remedy called garlic. It is a very common and readily available ingredient, which has many natural properties to deal with cold sores. The following are some properties that are useful in the treatment of cold sores.

  • An antibacterial agent, helps kill bacteria to accelerate the healing process;
  • Garlic contains a compound called I3C (indole – 3 – carbinol). This compound helps to boost the immune system that in turn helps a lot in the fight against the virus;
  • Garlic contains anti-viral enzymes, anti-bacterial properties that definitely helps speed healing time recovering assets or paste for the treatment of cold sores anti-fungal and anti-parasitic;
  • property

  • antiinflammatory Garlic helps reduce swelling, pain caused by cold sores;
  • To strengthen the system immune and nervous vitamin B6 is widely used. Fortunately, garlic contains rich amount of vitamin B6. Therefore garlic combating herpes labialis very effectively.
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There are many methods for using garlic against cold sores. This is the simplest and very effective for the treatment of cold sores quickly form.

home remedy to cure the natural cold sores.

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