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Home Remedy To Get Rid of Ticks On Dogs Easily Without Much Efforts

There is no doubt about the fact that dogs make the best pets for loved humans. Dogs come in different races; while some are hairy, some are not. Whatever the breed of the pet, it is important to take proper care of it. A common problem with dogs is an infection of ticks. This is a common problem with cats too. It is during summers ticks problems worsen considerably. Indeed, humans also may be infested with ticks if they are in close contact with ticks.

What are ticks?

Ticks are tiny parasites that have the same appearance as that of a spider. These belong neither to the spider family or the family of insects. The main route of survival is adhered to the skin of the animal or humans and suck blood. In fact, if the ticks are removed and killed, you can see blood. These parasites are active mostly during the spring and summer. Tick ​​bites are usually painless. However, the area of ​​the bite can itch and become red.

Home Remedy To Get Rid of Ticks On Dogs Easily Without Much Efforts

Dealing with Ticks

There are different types of OTC medications to treat the problem of ticks. But they are expensive and not very good for the skin, as they can have side effects. Instead of using these medications, you should try some natural and home to deal with ticks in dogs effectively remedies. These are not only safe in the skin, but have no side effects as well.

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Mentioned below are some effective to get rid of ticks from dogs natural remedies:


There are several types of synthetic oils and petroleum products can cause skin irritation significantly. But in contrast, petrolatum has proved very effective in the skin and soft nutritional effect. Application of Vaseline on the skin of the pet leads to suffocation of ticks and die. If the tick problem is in the ear of a dog, petroleum jelly is as safe as it applies there. It is also applicable for use in other delicate in the body of the animal where the ticks areas.

cinnamon oil

If you want to get rid of ticks mascot body, nothing can be better than the application of cinnamon oil. If you want improved and better results, you can add garlic with cinnamon oil well. Creating a very effective mixture by mixing about 80 drops of cinnamon oil, copious amounts of garlic and 1 ounce of water. Apply the mixture on the skin areas where pet tick infestations have occurred. The remedy to the problem of ticks can be found in the first with this.

Nails –

Nails can be found in almost every home, because it is an integral part of whole spices, which are commonly used in the kitchen. Nails can be greatly effective ticks. And for that, or oil of cloves or clove powder can be used. Interestingly, this treatment can be applied in humans, and if they have attacks of ticks. Oiling the affected nail relief area parasites. Teeth can also be grounded in powder form and then boiled in water to obtain an extract thereof. This water can be sprayed in home interiors to keep it safe from ticks.

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Combing background –

Taking your dog on a walk should be on your daily routine. Well, after returning from the walk, make sure you give your pet a thorough combing session. This will help get rid of ticks that are now in the dog’s fur. Before cling to the skin to suck blood it is best to brush them off. Ticks are easily swept. Combs are probably the easiest and cheapest to get rid of ticks naturally.

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