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Home Remedy For Skin Whitening Mask

Many factors contribute to our sin become dark, dull and damaged as prolonged exposure to sunlight, pollution and overuse of products skin laden chemicals. After a while, it takes its toll and our skin loses its shine and becomes darker. Since no one likes to have dark and dull skin do everything possible to reverse the effects.

When it comes to face care, everyone wants to have the best and usually spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic products that guarantee good results, but rarely do a decent job. There are lots of creams and polishes skin masks, but unfortunately, they are full of harmful chemicals that do more harm than good. Instead of using these harmful and expensive products why not try some natural alternatives. There are some natural remedies which will effectively illuminate skin and improve your complexion and if you are interested in trying one, we have the perfect recipe for you.

The following remedy is made of yogurt, honey and lemon juice and does wonders for your skin. Yogurt is a milk product has many nutrients that are good for the skin. It is rich in lactic acid having bleaching properties. Honey on the other side, is also beneficial when t comes to whiten skin but also hydrates. It has antibacterial properties that can help age spots fade and acne scars. Lemons have acidic properties that were an excellent natural bleaching agent for the skin and the high amount of vitamin C in the make growthThey’re encourages new cell it is also rich in antioxidants that improve the overall complexion.

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Skin Whitening Mask


all ingredients are mixed until well combined, the mixture on the face is applied and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and apply some moisturizer. Repeat several times a week until you are satisfied with the results.



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