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Home Remedy for Dandruff Problems

dander, more common in many people worldwide problem. Everyone try to get rid of this dandruff at any price. What actually this is dandruff? The answer to this question is that white sheds dead cells that are called from the scalp dandruff. There are many factors causing dandruff, as vitamin deficiency, dry and oily scalp, various allergies, constipation and many other external and internal factors. Not only it affects the scalp, but also causes hair loss and pimples on the face.

There are many drugs available on the market that can be used as different shampoos. The biggest drawback of using these shampoos are the side effects they cause. There are some home remedies that can be used to get rid of dandruff. These home remedies have no side effects and also cause many other health benefits. Watch the video below for detail.

home remedy for dandruff problems

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