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Home Remedies Tips For Melting Stone in Kidney


stone in the kidney and gallbladder is a serious problem that occurs very often , and it is caused mainly by the water we drink and the food we eat.
To avoid heavy and intensive methods of conventional medicine, popular recipe are presented for melting and removing the stone.

Ingredients needed:

1. 200 grams of powdered sugar
2. 0.25 l of natural olive oil
3. 200 grams of lemon peel
4. 200 grams of parsley root (smiled)
5. 200 grams of honey


Wash the lemon, cut into pieces and grind in blender. Peel the parsley root, chop it into pieces and ground like lemon. Add the honey, olive oil and powdered sugar and stir until the mixture is completely smooth.

Eating a spoonful of this cure to take every morning on an empty stomach, and every night before going to bed. It is necessary to keep the mixture in the refrigerator in a glass bottle.

To solve most problems with sand or stones in the kidneys and gallbladder is necessary to drink two measures with the same ingredients, but should not double doses at once.

The composition has a pleasant taste and is healthy for other purposes, such as fighting infections and bacteria. It is important to note that during treatment should drink more fluids.This is a better medicine for your health.

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