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Home Remedies of Huntington’s Disease

Some of the home remedies for Huntington’s disease include drinking green tea , increased intake vitamin E , and coenzyme Q-10. Moreover, you should try to clean your body as much as possible, reduce toxins in the kidneys and liver, participate in physical activity, meditating, practicing martial arts, and increase sweating.

Huntington’s disease , also known as Huntington’s chorea is a neurodegenerative genetic disease regrettable that usually appears in mid adult life, although some varieties, known as under Huntington, they can appear as early as the middle of a person -20. It is a very difficult disease to manage, since there is no formal cure. Moreover, since it is a degenerative disease, symptoms and effects become worse as a person ages. In general, the disease affects muscle coordination, resulting in twitching and spasms. Moreover, as the disease progresses, patients suffer from cognitive impairment and finally psychological problems.

The actual details of the disease involve brain cells die slowly or wear, resulting in a slow and gradual degradation of physical abilities. You could start with slight tremors in the limbs gradually become more pronounced.

huntingtonsdisease Psychological problems begin with confusion, disorientation, and finally dementia . There are medical treatments, but as mentioned, there is no formal cure, the only way to delay or reduce some of the effects of the disease.

Various treatments they have been used in recent years, and management of the disease has changed in different ways. The gene silencing techniques to improve cell survival, stem cell therapy, and several drugs, including creatine and minocycline (an antibiotic). Unfortunately, the best that can be done is a treatment for the symptoms, and a way to reduce or delay the disease. Some of these home remedies are explained below.

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home remedies Huntington’s disease

Green Tea Green tea has been shown to reduce the effects psychological Huntington’s disease, reducing stress and anxiety in the brain. The brain is what Huntington’s disease affects most, so any neural stimulation is a good alternative and a way to prevent worsening of the disease.

Vitamin E: This essential vitamin is recommended for treating Huntington’s disease. Increasing your intake of vitamin E can help boost neurological patterns and connections, which makes the slow decline even slower mind, providing a normal level of performance and life of many patients .

Physical Activity Before reaches physically debilitating disease stages, exercise or do any type of physical activity can slow the progression of the disease. First, it can stimulate sweating, and secondly, maintaining the active body causes the release of endorphins and certain hormones that can stimulate the brain and prevent decomposes.

Perspiration: One of the best ways to slow the effects of Huntington’s disease is to remove toxins from the body. When energy removing toxins from the body is spent, it is to steal important resources of the body in its fight against the disease. Therefore, encourage sweating in no way is a positive resource for Huntington’s disease, due to sweating actually helps the body eliminate toxins, some of which can only be removed through sweat glands. Eating spicy, hot food peppers wasabi and others sweat-inducing spices is a very good way to detoxify the body.

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Meditation Unfortunately, there is no real cure for Huntington’s disease, but relax your body and mind Actually, it is a great way to slow the progression of the disease. Meditation and yoga are very powerful tools that people can use to improve their mental health and stability. Moreover, yoga can help release toxins from the body by relaxing the muscles and release tension.


Coenzyme Q-10: This specific coenzyme has been linked to improving the conditions of Huntington’s disease by improving the quality and functionality of the brain heart , liver and kidneys. This coenzyme can be found in beef, chicken , pork, fish and various oils, including soybean and olives . It can also be obtained from this coenzyme nuts vegetables , and fruit. Coenzyme Q-10 is one of the most essential elements of prevention of Huntington’s disease, and should be consumed in large quantities to maintain quality of life for as long as possible.

A word of caution: is important to remember that none of these home remedies or behavioral changes are the cure for this degenerative disease. There is no way to completely eradicate the disease, and also should not rely solely on these remedies to its best condition. Be sure to see a doctor for an exam and listen to their prescribed method of treatment.

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