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Home Remedies for Sore Throat in Kids

Sore Throat in Kids

If you have a child at home, you should have seen the number of times that fall prey to cold and cough. In fact, sore throat in children is a common occurrence. Usually it is caused by a bacterial infection or a viral infection which the developing immune system must learn to fight. Usually, sore throat resolves itself after some time without complications in children. However, at some point that could lead to high fever or flu-like symptoms. That requires treatment with antibiotics. However, the frequent prescription of antibiotics can have a long term impact on the health of children. It is recommended to stay away from such drugs and instead simple home remedies are sought as a solution for sore throat .

Sore throat Causes of

The causes of sore throat may be several. It depends on the child’s age, geographic area to which they belong, as well as the climate of the region where one presides.

  • Bacteria are a common cause of sore throat, like Streptococcus
  • viral infections can also cause a sore throat and flu
  • As such type of infection can easily spread through body contact, children stay engaged in the infection of other people, especially other children at school or on the playground

When the person who already has a cold or a sore throat, sneezing or blowing the nose, touching other people or the door or table, spread pathogens directly.

The symptoms of sore throat in children

When children are suffering from a sore throat, there are several symptoms that appear before or at the time to announce such a condition:

  • If you have a viral throat infection will experience pain and swelling in the throat
  • Along with the sore throat usually children have nose, congestion chest, cough, fever and diarrhea running
  • If you have a fever that accompanies the sore throat may even experience other symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and headache
  • decrease appetite and swollen glands in the neck
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home remedies sore throat in children

When one is suffering from a sore throat, it is uncomfortable, especially because it is rough and painful when you have to swallow anything, particularly cold and harsh substances. The sore throat is usually caused by the throat to swell causing discomfort.

1. Maintaining nostrils Clear

When you have a cold and runny nose, nasal congestion leads to the mouth is kept open for the throat becomes dry and pain throat develops:
• it is best to use decongestants before one hits the bed
• a solution of mild salt prepared with warm water and used to clean the nose nasal saline spray help to maintain clear nasal passages

2. Take Rest

is better that children are advised to stay in bed is:
• A as rest saving more energy to counter sore throat
• to keep warm and sleeping in will help you recover faster

3. gargling

is imperative that children are taught to gargle with warm warm water when they have a sore throat:
• gargling with salt and warm water will help soothe the throat
• sage is a herb that can be added to water hot and its extract is used to gargle
• turmeric and salt added to warm hot water also help reduce infection in the throat

4. apple cider vinegar

it is known as an excellent remedy for sore throat. It can be used in the following ways to provide relief:
• Apple cider vinegar added to hot water with honey can be taken as a drink
• The mixed with salt in warm water vinegar can be used as a solution to gargle

5. horseradish try Cure

If your child is over two years old and is willing to experiment you can do the following mixture:
• spicy radish
• Honey
• Nail
One teaspoon of each ingredient should be mixed with hot water and drink to get relief.

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6. On the basis of citrus and fruit juices

is best to provide plenty of vitamin C to your child as citrus fruits and juices:
• juice lemon added to hot
water • lemon juice, honey and warm water would make a refreshing drink for one suffering from sore throat

7. juice Bars with

This is a favorite remedy for children:
• Have a juice bar can help numb the throat infection
• chunks of ice should be allowed to melt in the mouth

8. drinking hot liquids

children should be encouraged to take warm or hot liquids such as:
• hot chocolate
• nutritional drinks
• homemade soups

9. ginger candies cords

While children might not be willing to suck pieces of ginger, which is beneficial for sore throat, you can choose:
• the flavored hard candies ginger
• Sweet, licorice
These are known to work in sore throat.

10. Taking steam

The best they can do children to take hot showers or steam, at least, is as follows:
• The hot steam helps open the nasal passages
• the steam moistens the throat and provides relief

11. Covering throat

When children suffer from a sore throat during the winter it is best:
• wrap in warm clothes
• Keep the cover and throat warm with a quilt or scarf

12. Increase fluid intake

children face decline appetite when they have a cold. If you have a sore throat that will not eat solids. You have to give them
• Over fluids to keep hydrated system and flooded with toxins
• Hot liquids like soups and stews complement the lack of solid and maintain nutritional levels

is your child suffering from a sore throat is? You want to avoid antibiotics that may have adverse consequences? Opting for these simple but effective home remedies.

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