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Home Remedies for Skin Care in Monsoon in Urdu

The monsoons have finally hit us with witness Mumbai heavy rains and Delhi prepares to welcome the rains. Temperatures usually take a bath with the onset of monsoon, but this time around mercury levels have been on the top side. After a long period of heat wave, we expect the long-awaited relief monsoons, the heady fragrance of rain on the parched earth, freshly bathed green leafy trees and, of course, the freshness of the breeze. However, as any other season, monsoon has its share of skin problems.
The monsoon spells high humidity levels and that can certainly lead to nightmares, especially for those suffering from intense fat and acne-prone skin. Keep oil free skin and immaculate with this antiseptic tonic –
A cup of fuller’s earth
mixed with enough rose water to make a smooth paste
1 teaspoon of camphor powder
keep the dough in the refrigerator in an airtight container and use a teaspoon of this mixture on the face several times a day. This will reduce the excess fat and give your skin feeling clean.
I’m pretty sure all of you with excessively dry skin may feel a little better, because moisture hydrates the skin and gives a natural shine. However, to maintain that glowing skin, make a mixture of –
A glass of rainwater
Mix one teaspoon of honey
Mix the two together and applied to the skin. This honey water leaves the skin absorb and absorb all their kindness. Wash the skin with cold water after 30 minutes.
How Healthy Skin-Care in Monsoon

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