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Home Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity refers to a pain felt in the teeth, in response to a stimulus when we consume any food or drink to extreme temperatures. It can be a thermal stimulus or an acid. The pain is acute in character. Although it is not a disease, which can lead to other oral health problems, if ignored.

The teeth have a large accumulation from under the gums and white outer structure we see. The visible part is what we call the crown. It is protected by a layer of enamel. The crown has a closed pulp chamber. Below the crown is the neck, the junction of the crown and the underlying root. The root is covered with a protective coating of cement and has channels pulp nerves. Both the crown and root dentin have in their protective layers. Dentin has microscopic channels leading to the nerves.

Home Remedies for Sensitive Teeth Tooth
During the damage, gums teeth become weak and departed. They wear protective coatings and expose dentin. Any food or drink that is very hot, cold, or acid can easily stimulate such teeth with exposed dentin and excite the nerves connected to it. This causes pain and teeth become sensitive says.

Causes of sensitive teeth:

  • Hard brushing is the most common cause of tooth sensitivity. This makes it disappear from the protective layers of the teeth and exposed to external factors that cause sensitivity.
  • incorrect brushing also damages teeth. If not properly cleaned, a microbial layer called plaque forms on the teeth. This leads to infections and periodontal problems.
  • If you have habit of grinding teeth , then it is likely that the development of tooth sensitivity. Grinding teeth causes erosion of the layer of enamel and dentin exposed, causing sensitivity.
  • The use of whitening toothpastes causes sensitivity due to the chemicals they contain. Some teeth whitening pastes contain abrasives that can also erode tooth enamel.
  • Consumption of acidic foods causes damage to the tooth enamel. This can cause pain and result in sensitive teeth.
  • gum diseases such as gingivitis causes tooth sensitivity. These usually occur with age.
  • The teeth become sensitive after having any dental procedure such as a root canal or extraction. This can cause temporary sensitivity.

home remedies for sensitive teeth

Home Remedies for Sensitive Teeth Tooth
Clove oil:

the main component of clove oil makes it suitable for treating sensitive teeth is eugenol . Eugenol is an effective anesthetic. Therefore, it can be used for toothaches control . Applying clove oil on the affected area in combination with olive oil works even better.

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Cough Syrup:

We are all well aware that you have cough syrup anesthetics. This makes it useful for relieve a toothache , which is mild. Just use one or two drops of syrup in the affected area. Just keep sucking and not chew.

tea bag:

A hot tea can be applied directly to the tooth to get temporary relief. Tea contains tannic acid that reduces inflammation and decreases sensitivity.

Salt water:

A rinse with salt water also is known to have the desired effect. It works very well when the cause of pain is any food trapped between teeth.


A slice of cucumber can be placed on the tooth and leave it for some time. Cucumber has a cooling effect is not acid. Therefore, acts effectively to relieve tooth sensitivity .


Alcohol is largely known to have soporific properties. Therefore, a cotton ball dipped in alcohol (brandy) can be placed in the affected area.


The widely available Vicks VapoRub also functions as an simple solution for sensitive teeth . A small droplet to be applied on the outer surface adjacent the affected tooth cheek. Then you lie on the same side and will be pain relief. Be careful not to ingest the balm!

Mustard oil:

Mustard oil has anti-inflammatory properties, due to the presence of trace mineral, selenium. It is also antibacterial and anti-fungal in nature. Therefore, it works well in sensitive teeth.

All these home remedies for sensitive teeth are useful to give only temporary relief and do not cure sensitive teeth. They can only postpone a visit to the dentist in mild pain. But they do not work in cases of severe pain and tenderness and have to visit your doctor for proper treatment and complete relief.


Tooth sensitivity is tortuous and it is always better to be careful and avoid it. The following tips will help a lot in avoiding damage to teeth greatly.

Brush twice a day:

is always advisable to brush your teeth twice a day. This helps to keep the mouth clean throughout the day and overnight. Therefore, the problem of sensitive teeth is largely avoided.

hard brush No:

should keep your brush like a pen while teeth, not as a weapon brush. Otherwise, it will damage the protective layers of the teeth. A brush with soft bristles should be used to prevent tooth and gum damage.

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Avoid acidic foods:

acidic foods and drinks act immediately on the teeth when consumed. Create cavities and therefore should be avoided.

Regular cleaning:

Visiting a dentist for a cleaning every six months is recommended. This prevents excessive accumulation of plaque which may lead to enamel erosion if neglected.


If you are a teeth grinder, then it is better to use a mouthguard with the advice of your dentist. use of one of the outer layers of the teeth is avoided.

Treatment for sensitive teeth:

A dentist treats sensitive teeth, depending on the magnitude of the problem. The causes sensitivity track is performed first and ten before deciding on the mode of treatment.

  • desensitizing toothpaste usually suggested in the initial stages. It has certain compounds that help block signaling tooth surface nerve root. This requires regular use for several days before the result can be concluded.
  • If the desensitizing toothpaste does not work, then the dentist may prescribe special desensitizing agents such as fluoride gel. fluoride gel applied to the affected to strengthen enamel and reduce sensitivity area.
  • When these measures also stop work, clinical treatments may be suggested depending on the cause of sensitivity. These include fillers, a cap or fixing a crack in the tooth.
  • If the rubber is lost from the root, then you may have to undergo a surgical graft. Gum graft covers the exposed root, helps protect and strengthen the tooth and therefore reduces sensitivity.
  • If hypersensitivity is severe and can not be treated by the above methods, the doctor may recommend root canal surgery.

To stay away from any dental problem, proper oral hygiene should be practiced. Regular visits to the dentist are also important to recognize periodontal disease or any other dental problems at an early stage so they can be properly treated. Home remedies for sensitive teeth mentioned above can provide relief in mild cases, but you have to visit a doctor in any case before the problem worsens.

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