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Home Remedies for Lyme Disease

Home remedies for Lyme disease include the use of Herbs as Samento, wormwood, oregano and tooth can be very useful in removing the underlying infection. nder , valerian, passionflower, and Ganoderma mushrooms are also good for treatment. Increasing water intake, eliminating dairy and gluten from your diet, and increased consumption of organic lean meat proteins as nuts avocados , flax seed, and fish oil can help, as well as high fiber regime. Finally, talus elderberry and Olive sheet also can be used to eliminate the effects of Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is a infectious bacterial disease that can be transferred to humans through the bite of a deer tick, which is the most common method of transfer. Today is considered one of the most common infectious diseases in Europe and America, with over 10,000 new cases reported each day. There are three strains of bacteria of the genus Borrelia that causes this disease.

lyme After being bitten by a tick, Symptoms begin to appear . a rash forms on the site of the bite in most cases (70-80%), and this is often accompanied by pain, swelling, symptoms similar to the flu, muscle and joint aches, and general fatigue. The disease is easily treatable with antibiotics, but if the condition is untreated for an extended period of time, the disease can begin to affect the central nervous system, heart , muscle disorders and neurological problems. Some rare symptoms include meningitis , hepatitis and herpes virus coinfections due to the weakened state of the immune system.

Although antibiotics are widely used by most patients suffering from Lyme disease, there are some home remedies that either it can naturally fight bacterial infection, treatment of symptoms and generally give you relief from this disease without resorting to pharmaceuticals and antibiotics products. Let’s explore a little more about these home remedies, and why they are so effective against Lyme disease.

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Home Remedies for Lyme disease

Treatment of Lyme disease at home is interesting, because they can treat the infection directly, or can help your body naturally fight the infection. Therefore, the approach to remedy this disease in the country is divided into different angles of attack!

Antimicrobial herbs: Extensive research has been done on the role grasses in the fight against microbial infections and bacteria that can damage our bodies. As for Lyme disease, a direct connection has been made between Samento, lignum vitae, oregano and clove, as they have the ability to fight against spirochete, which means that directly inhibit the spread of certain types of bacteria of which Borrelia gender is a part. The use of these herbs in any ointments on the site of the bite or include them in your diet can naturally heal your body against infection.

Co-Infection Prevention: Many people suffer from a weakened immune system when contracting Lyme disease, and subsequently, other viruses are strengthened, even taxing even the immune system and leaving unable to cure, either bacterial or viral infection. Herpes is commonly seen developing in patients with Lyme disease, so sure to use olive leaf and cat’s claw, two herbs that have proven very effective against this type of virus . Other antiviral and antibacterial vegetables , particularly the garlic cloves, should be used as often as possible to kill the bacteria before it can spread and worsen the condition.

reduce inflammation One of the main symptoms of Lyme disease is inflammation, both at the point of the bite, as well as throughout the body as the infection spreads. One way to allow your body to rest and gather a defense against this disease without resorting to antibiotics, is to reduce inflammation. Fungi have been used to reduce inflammation, and reducing dairy products and products based on gluten from the diet can also reduce overall inflammation throughout the system. rich in protein and lean foods as fruit , vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish oil should be consumed to keep the body full of nutrients, but avoiding any inflammatory material.

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Detoxification Preparation: As the bacteria are destroyed within the body, release certain neurotoxins which can be very dangerous for your body and can make you sick or weaken your immune system enough to let Lyme disease has a resurgence. Therefore, be sure to eat a diet high in fiber and drink at least 2 liters of water per day so you can expel these toxins and eliminate them from the body before they can cause any damage.

lymediseaseremedyinfo Get Some Sleep Sleep patterns are often disrupted by Lyme disease and that can disturb the metabolism and circadian rhythms, disrupt their neurotransmitter hormones, and weaken your immune system. Try valerian root and passionflower, which are known to both induce sleep and eliminate insomnia .

Immune System Booster: Lyme disease attacks the body and compromises the immune system, so you need to give a much needed to eliminate bacterial infection momentum. Consuming a lot of vitamin C , but research has pointed directly to the use of astragalus, olive leaf, and elderberry to provide an immediate boost for your immune system so you can remove the bacteria directly.

A word of caution: Although infections and major symptoms can be treated with home remedies and a healthy diet that strengthens the immune system, if Lyme disease is completely without treatment for some time, or if symptoms begin to worsen rapidly, immediately go see a doctor. More severe symptoms that occur when the disease is left untreated can be very serious and have lasting impact, despite the fact that death from this disease is extremely rare.

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