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Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms

Some of the most effective for treating intestinal worms home remedies include the use of nder Granada , bamboo, pumpkin, turmeric , carom seeds, coconut, neem , wormwood, hyssop, and carrot, among many others.

intestinal worms

intestinal worms are one of two types of intestinal parasites, and are called helminths, while the other is unicellular protozoa. Intestinal parasites can be extremely dangerous to their health and welfare, namely that stop you from receiving the nutrients it needs. When multiple intestinal worms, severe infections may occur. You can become infected by intestinal worms in a number of ways, but primarily through ingestion by mouth. Parasitic worms contract more often by eating unclean foods that has either been improperly preserved or cooked. Parasitic worms to put their eggs in this type of meat, so the hygienic preparation of food is the best way to prevent this type of parasitic infections. roundworm

Parasitic worms are useful in medicine and health promotion as well as they are good indicators of parasitic infections of water or crops. However, within the body, they can wreak havoc, causing helminthiasis. Usually there are three different intestinal worms – flukes, roundworms and tapeworms. These can lay their eggs in the body, resulting in intestinal parasitic infections, that’s when things can get very bad for the hosts. In terms of treatment, there are certain medications that can be taken, deworming protocols are in place in some countries, and surgery is the final, most extreme solution. However, many people choose to use dietary changes as a way to prevent or eliminate intestinal worms. Therefore, home remedies have become a popular method, especially in areas where intestinal parasites are common, but medical help is not always close. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of these home remedies for intestinal worms.

Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms

Carrots There are certain Vitamins minerals and organic compounds that are deadly for eggs of intestinal worms, and pass carrots contain many of these. High concentrations of vitamin C , beta-carotene, and vitamin A found in carrots presents a formidable problem for intestinal worms. Vitamin A can kill the eggs of intestinal worms, while vitamin C stimulates the immune system that can fight even more this parasitic infection.

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Coco: This is one of the home remedies more easily accessible and widespread for intestinal parasites. By drinking a small amount of concentrated coconut juice every morning can increase their efficiency and antioxidant levels sufficient to seek and destroy the worms in their intestines lack nutrients.

Neem: Although this is most commonly appears in India , neem is widely known as a panacea for a number of different conditions, and is particularly effective against intestinal parasites. There are certain anti-parasitic components found in neem that can quickly dispatch worms and get your stomach back to normal. Moreover, every time the parasites die, they leave behind toxins that can also cause lack of disease; Neem is able to detoxify the body and clear these dangerous substances!

Garlic: This is a substance that seems to do on every list of home remedies, but there is a very good reason for it. Garlic contains various sulfur compounds that are very unpleasant for parasitic worms that consume even reaching their disappearance. In dealing with some of bad breath for a week or two, and the addition of garlic for each meal, you can significantly reduce the impact of intestinal worms and enjoy!

Papaya This is a home remedy that has been in use for centuries. green papaya has a very high concentration of enzyme called papain , which has proven anthelmintic properties, which means they can naturally eliminate intestinal worms. In addition, other organic components of the papaya can help flush toxins left behind.

Seed carambola: If you chew the seeds of carambola as a home for intestinal worms, which are able to take advantage of thymol remedy, active in seeds ingredient that can prevent replication worms in your gut; More specifically, it can kill the eggs laid by these worms, which means that the infection will not be able to spread.

Pumpkin: While this may not be the home remedy best known for intestinal worms pumpkin seeds contain a powerful chemical called cucurbitacina, which can paralyze and effectively destroy forcing them to be expelled from the intestine. If you want to avoid expensive surgery or painful treatment protocol, popping a handful of pumpkin seeds every day can be a effectively to eliminate parasitic infection.

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Granada Like many of the other food choices as home remedies, leaves Granada and fruits are rich in anthelmintic compounds , namely punicine that they are deadly to many varieties of parasitic worms. This is one of the oldest home remedies and more reliable for this type of infection.

Bamboo: Most people only bamboo associated with the beautiful white and black beasts that feed on it, but if you make a decoction of leaves bamboo can drink this regularly for relief of intestinal worms. Some of the volatile components of bamboo leaves are deadly to these parasites, and decoctions have no taste so bad either!

Turmeric: This is a very popular herbal remedy for a number of different health conditions, but when it comes to intestinal worms, this powerful spice can do sick these parasites, and can damage the eggs they lay, due to certain anthelmintic properties. This spice is also very versatile in the kitchen, so it should not be difficult to add to your daily diet.

Wormwood: The role of this herb in prevention intestinal worms should not be a surprise, given his name, and while the origin of the name is not related to parasites, which has numerous antiparasitic properties that make it a reliable home remedy for this type of infection.

The hyssop: Specifically for roundworms an infusion swab can be consumed to quickly remove your gut parasitic worms. This particular remedy for these helminth has been used since ancient times.

One last word of warning: As you can see, there are many different ways to prevent or eliminate parasitic worms through home remedies. However, it is important to remember that a parasitic worm infection can be very dangerous and even deadly. If you are showing extreme signs of infection, such as dramatic loss Weight , constant hunger, fatigue, anemia , and other symptoms, it is best to talk to a medical professional immediately as you may need more intensive treatment.

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