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Home Remedies for Giardiasis

Some of the most effective home remedies for giardiasis include the use of nder , long pepper, Oregon grape grapefruit , beet juice horseradish goldenseal , wormwood, pumpkin seeds , coconut onion , and birch and behavioral resources including sanitation and intestinal blushes.


For nearly 300 million people worldwide, giardiasis remains a dangerous and irritating parasitic infection. The cause of the infection is a flagellate protozoan called Giardia lamblia , which resides in the intestinal tract of many types of animals from around the world, and can easily pass to humans . Commonly known as beaver fever , since the infection is known to be widespread in the population beaver, this parasitic results from infection nutritional absorption weakened in the gut, as protozoa infect cells of the duodenum . Only a third of infections become symptomatic, manifested as nausea, vomiting, excess gases , weakness, loss of appetite, and flatulence . These symptoms can persist for 1-2 months, which can be disastrous for the nutritional health of an affected individual.


The infection is spread through humans contaminated water and food especially for campers and hikers who drink from rivers and lakes in the wild. Contact with infected animals is another culprit. While giardiasis is not fatal, a consistent lack of nutrients can negatively impact many of the body’s systems and the digestive tract. Fortunately, even if the infection is not treated and the body’s immune system usually takes care of it in the short term. However, for severe infections or severe symptoms, there are some pharmaceutical solutions that have been developed. For those who prefer natural remedies, there are many natural anti-parasitic Herbs and foods that can be used to quickly clear up the infection. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best home remedies for giardiasis.

Home Remedies for giardiasis

Oregon Grape: berries purple grape Oregon evergreen shrub have proved very effective in the treatment of one Giardia infection . In particular, it is a potent alkaloid found in fruit called berberine, which directly affects and inhibits spreading giardiasis. This is one of the fastest remedies for infection, even if you suffer from any major gastrointestinal problems, Oregon grape might not be a good choice.

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long pepper: This particular type of pepper, scientifically known as Piper longum is very effective in removing these parasites from the digestive tracts. This long pepper is also known to stimulate the immune system, which can eliminate protozoa naturally.

Beet juice: Beets are powerful health food that many people overlook, but have certain qualities antibacterial and anti-parasitic that make it a simple home remedy if you are suffering from giardiasis. A few cups of beet juice every day should eliminate infection within a week, returning to their systems to normal.

Grapefruit juice: Another powerful fruit with beneficial juices, grapefruits have also been used in the treatment of giardiasis. Pomelo not only have wealth of stimulating vitamins antioxidant and immune system but also a natural anthelmintic property that can clarify and cleanse the digestive tract without damaging any of the beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

Garlic: As always, garlic and powerful active ingredient, allicin, which come into play in the treatment of giardiasis and many other parasitic infections. The allicin can quickly clean the system and return to your digestive system to normal, so that grinding to about teeth and steeping in water can be a remedy without pain in any place the garlic is available.

Ben: horseradish acts on the body in slightly different ways other remedies. Although there are certain potent antioxidants found in horseradish, actually is the stimulus that provides the digestive tract that keeps you free from infection. By increasing the secretion of digestive juice, horseradish can clean the colon and digestive tract, eliminating the parasite with the normal trash.

Coco: Very appreciated for its nutritional benefits in many different diseases, coconut oil and fruits contain auric acid, which is an antiparasitic powerful compound that also viral and bacterial combat various infections. Coconuts are also widely available and cheap as appeal .

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Onion: Onions are very similar to the garlic cloves in terms of its nutritional benefits and content of powerful antioxidants. Eating onions could not make your breath smell very good, but it can quickly clean your intestines and bowel, and lead to the expulsion of the parasites from your body.

birch: birch leaves have been used for thousands of years to soothe inflammation and a number of other conditions. For parasitic, particularly the stomach, tinctures of birch leaves can be very effective. Infections body

Goldenseal: The herb goldenseal is very powerful in its effects on the mucous membranes of the body, including those in the stomach and intestines. The active ingredient in goldenseal is berberine, as Oregon grape, which is directly related to the anti-parasitic effects on the body.

Wormwood: As the name suggests, the wormwood grass is highly effective in the treatment and elimination of worms and parasites of many varieties, including those that cause giardiasis. Certain sesquiterpenes found in wormwood can break parasitic membranes, thus neutralizing parasites.

Pumpkin seeds: cucurbitacina is an active ingredient in pumpkin seeds that is linked to many different effects laxatives and anti-inflammatory. To clean the intestines and bowel, laxative substances such as pumpkin seeds can help eliminate parasites that cause giardiasis your body.

intestinal Flushes: Dietary fiber is an essential part of good digestion, while also helping to stimulate the excretion and absorption of nutrients. Fibres as pectin, psyllium shells, and flaxseeds may be the most effective for this type of intestinal lavage. Cleaning might not always pleasant, but it is a quick way to get your digestion back on track.

adequate sanitation: One of the main causes of giardiasis is contaminated or untreated water , whether in developing countries or for people traveling in the nature. Ensure that water is boiled or filtered properly before consuming it is essential to ensure the protection of these little irritants protozoa.

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