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Home Remedies for Gallstones

What are gallstones? Small rock particles that form in the gallbladder are called gallstones. Gallstones are composed of a mixture of particles of solid formed groups cholesterol or bile. These stones grow as part of the process when the bile from the liver passes through the gallbladder. Most are tiny and often pass through the intestines and out of our bodies and never knew existed. Gallstones become a problem when trapped beneath a narrow outlet gallbladder or somewhere in the intestines. This results in pain. It can also cause a buildup of bile, infection or pancreatitis.

Why is this important? Your gallbladder is a small organ located beneath the liver. Its function is to collect and store bile that is made by the liver. Bile is a part of their digestive processes. It is thick, greenish-yellow, bitter liquid. Bile salts, electrolytes, cholesterol, bilirubin and other fats are naturally in the form of viscous bile.

Gallbladder surgery is very effective. Your gallbladder is considered a non-essential organ like the appendix. In some patients diarrhea and abdominal pain are aftereffects. These symptoms diminish over time with healing, dietary adjustments and sometimes medication.

List of home remedies:

Apple and apple cider vinegar: Take a glass of apple juice and add a tablespoon of vinegar to it. Mix well and drink once a day.

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pear juice and honey Take half a glass of warm water; add half a glass of pear juice and two tablespoons of honey to it. Mix well and drink this 2-3 times a day.

dandelion tea leaves: Take a cup of hot water and add a teaspoon of dandelion leaves (dry). Let stand for five minutes, strain the water and drink twice a day. You can even add a little honey to taste. If you are suffering from any diabetes do not use this remedy.

Mint tea: Take a cup of hot water and add a teaspoon of mint leaves (dry). Let stand for five minutes, strain and drink the water 2 to 3 times a day.

psyllium powder: Taka a glass of water and add a teaspoon of psyllium. Mix well and drink every night before bedtime.

olive oil, lemon and garlic: Take 2 tablespoons of olive oil and lemon juice; add five grams of garlic paste to it. Mix well and consume daily morning before breakfast. Repeat this remedy, at least for a month.

Milk thistle: Take a teaspoon of crushed seeds of milk thistle and leaves. Put it in a muslin cloth or bag and place the bag in a cup of hot water. It steep for five minutes and then add half a teaspoon of honey to it. Mix well and drink this tea to treat gallstones.

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