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Home Remedies For Dandruff!

Dandruff is a common condition characterized by chronic scalp flaking of the scalp skin. Dandruff is not contagious or severe. But it can be embarrassing and sometimes difficult to treat. (Here there are striking reasons that may be prone to dandruff soon). pharmacy remedies may include shampoos with zinc pyrithione, which fungi and bacteria is directed; ketoconazole, which also fights fungi; coal tar and selenium sulfide, which slow growth and mortality of skin cells on the scalp; and salicylic acid, which loosens flakes that can be washed. For natural treatments, read on.e the result of a dry scalp, or skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis.

1.Tea tree oil

One study showed that oil shampoos with only 5 percent tea tree significantly improves the severity of dandruff. You can also add a few drops of tea tree oil to your favorite shampoo, since wash normally.

2.Baking sodium

Your kitchen can be the key to the scalp free of dandruff free-itch. Dampen the hair and then rub a handful of baking soda vigorously into your scalp. Skip the shampoo and go right for rinsing. Sodium bicarbonate reduces hyperactivity fungi that can cause dandruff. Your hair may be dry at first, but after a few weeks the scalp begin producing natural oils, leaving the softer and flake-free hair.

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3. Apple cider vinegar

Dr. Mehmet Oz swears by apple cider vinegar as a treatment of dandruff, as the acidity of apple cider vinegar changes the pH of the scalp, making it harder to grow yeast. Mix a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with a quarter cup of water in a spray bottle and sprayed on the scalp. Wrap your head in a towel and let stand for 15 minutes to an hour, then wash hair as usual. Do this twice a week.

4. Coconut and Honey Scrub scalp

What you need

  • 2 teaspoons coconut oil, olive oil and honey
  • 3 teaspoons of yogurt

What to do

  1. Mix all ingredients in a vessel such that a paste medium consistency is obtained. In the case of the paste it is still nasal, you can add a little yogurt or honey to thicken.
  2. Apply the paste on the scalp and massage gently. Rub from the roots to the tips of her hair. Continue the massage for about 10 minutes -. This opens the pores and promotes circulation
  3. Let mask standing for about 30-45 minutes, after which you can rinse out using shampoo.
  4. Once this is done, dry your hair with a soft towel and apply a few drops of coconut oil for hair and scalp.
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When you need to do this

In the morning, before taking a bath.

5. Yogurt

What you need

What to do

  1. shampoo hair and rinse. Publication of that, apply yogurt to your scalp and leave it for about 15 minutes.
  2. and rinse the hair again washed using a small amount of shampoo.

When you need to do this

In the morning, while taking a bath.

6. Orange peel package

What you need

  • Some dried orange peels
  • 5 to 6 tablespoons lemon juice

What to do

  1. Put the orange peel and lemon juice in a food processor. Mix the ingredients until a smooth paste.
  2. gently apply the paste on the scalp and leave it as is for about 30 minutes.
  3. Post that, rinse with your regular shampoo.

When you need to do this

In the morning while you take a bath. You can follow this remedy two to three times a week.


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Home Remedies for Dandruff! ..


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