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Home Remedies for Anxiety

Some of the home remedies for anxiety include yoga, meditation, exercise, proper nutrition and a healthy social life. Anxiety disorders and panic are quite conversational. Anxiety is basically complex and interrelated combinations of fear, worry and apprehension about any subject.

The effect of anxiety varies from person to person, but all are vulnerable to this disorder. It is also considered one of the physiological states of the human mind, including various components such as emotional, somatic, cognitive, and behavioral elements.

In this competitive world, anxiety has become a part of our life. Most of us suffer from anxiety disorders of some kind and severity of these days. This has made it inevitable to consider ways to combat the problem of anxiety. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 19 million American adults aged 18 to 54 have anxiety disorders.

Some of the common symptoms associated with anxiety disorders are:

heart palpitations
excessive concern
High blood pressure
Higher heart rate
inhibitions in digestive and immune system
excessive sweating
Dilatation of the pupil
Chest pain
tension muscle

according to the Research Unit anxiety disorders and stress at the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town, anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric disorders, causing severe suffering and interfere with work and social functioning. During regular treatment of home, many drugs, especially antidepressants and benzodiazepines remedies are used. But in the long term medication it helps only when combined with behavioral therapy. Such combination therapy provides both a reduction in the severity of symptoms with less chance of having relapse. There are several treatments practiced for prevention of anxiety, but this treatment differs from one individual to another. On the general base complementary treatments include:

Relaxation techniques


=================================================================================================================================Home Remedies for anxiety

There are many home remedies for anxiety that can be supplemented with drugs to treat anxiety. Home remedies are quite useful and safe to use. The chances of side effects are almost negligible. If the case of anxiety disorder is not extreme, then these home remedies have proven useful. Not affect the normal lifestyle of an individual.

Yoga and meditation: Yoga and mediation are sure to provide relief from anxiety. Every day, a meeting of twenty to thirty minutes will provide relaxation of mind and body. A body massage or head massage will soothe your body and improve blood circulation. This will surely be a relief from anxiety.

regular workouts: One of the easiest and simplest ways to reduce anxiety is to exercise regularly. Certain exercises, even on foot, provides mental satisfaction. Regular exercise not only keep your body healthy soul, but even help in relaxing the mind. This type of regular training leads to secretion of serotonin, a chemical important for brain function. This leads to activation of munificent and pleasant way. If you spend some time playing your favorite sport, then you will surely help combat the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

nutritious diet: can also fight anxiety disorders by maintaining a nutritious diet. There fewherbs that are quite relaxing for both mind and body. If these herbs are included in your daily diet, then the anxiety level decreases considerably.

Herbs Some of the herbs that are commonly used are balm, hops, thyme, cloves, wood betony orange blossom, lavender, chamomile and skullcap. Green vegetables like spinach and almonds are rich enough inmagnesium, which is a very good game to break the stress.

healthy social life: Try to keep busy. Never out of use because it allows your mind to waver in the dark regions. Stay busy with family and friends. A healthy social life will keep you active and energetic. Planning a night in a movie or go to some exhibitions. He never hesitates to speak your heart and mind. Things that are left unsaid often bring unhappiness and anxiety. Plan a getaway family weekend. This will fill your heart with new energy and enthusiasm, a powerful way to counter anxiety.

mental satisfaction: devote some time to a social cause. This will give mental satisfaction and get over your anxiety. Go to some orphanage or a nursing home. Spending time with them and make a difference in your life. Playing with your pet can easily bring a smile to your face. If you do not have a pet, get one and spend time with her. It can be a great stress-buster.

Hot Water Bath: The other home remedy to combat anxiety is the hot water bath. their thinking is reform and make a person much more satisfied. You can even take Ashwagnadha or winter cherry, calming the nerves of the body and relaxes the mind. This is a shrub that has the properties of an antidepressant. Bush not only combat anxiety, but also goes against the reduced immunity and osteoarthritis.

Try these home remedies for anxiety and see a wonderful new nature. Anxiety disorders can be treated, if appropriate methods and are still continuing to curb them before they become too serious.

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