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Home Remedies for Addison’s Disease

Some of the home remedies for Addison’s disease include the use of Ginger licorice ginseng , green tea turmeric ashwaghanda plant reishi mushrooms milk thistle Abstract talus and echinacea as well as certain lifestyle changes and behaviors such as tai chi, meditation and yoga .


Addison disease is a hormone related rare disease that affects the body’s ability to create and release cortisol and other adrenal hormones. It is also known as chronic adrenal deficiency, hypocorticolism, and hypoadrenalism. Since it is related to hormones, it is considered an endocrine condition, and unfortunately, there is no cure, only treatment for life.

Most cases of Addison’s disease are autoimmune , which means that the body’s immune system itself destroys an essential part of the adrenal cortex, seriously harming the body’s ability to produce certain hormones. While complementary hormone replacement therapy and regulate cortisol pills or hydrocortisone / prednisone supplements can keep the condition at bay so you can live a somewhat normal life, people suffering from Addison’s disease will face for the rest of his life in some form, and should be especially careful when disease, trauma, surgery, or anything else that might affect the efficacy or overall health of the body suffers.

addisonsdisease Symptoms of Addison’s disease

adrenal hormones are important for the fight or flight response of the body as well as our general behavior and even out psychological function. For this reason, it is important to diagnose the disease at the first sign adequately treatment can be carried out, rather than wait for the disease to become the most severe form of the crisis in Addison. To this end, we must understand the symptoms. Some of the precursors or the most common symptoms of Addison’s disease are as follows.

fatigue, exhaustion and weakness
dizziness when standing
nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
sweating and fever
joint and muscle pain / weakness
anxiety , changes in mood or personality changes

If diagnosed correctly , you can control, but many people do not recognize the symptoms until it is too late and the body has already been damaged in a serious way. Fortunately, there are some herbal and natural remedies to try at home that can help if you are suffering from Addison’s disease.

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However, Addison’s disease should not be taken lightly, and consultation with a physician before beginning any treatment herbal or natural is highly recommended. There are effective pharmaceutical options and supplements to increase their levels of cortisol and adrenaline to his, bringing the disease more tolerable appropriate levels. However, if the condition becomes Addison crisis, the body suffers from very low blood pressure and usually falls into a coma. That is why the treatment of this rare disease should be taken very seriously, and herbale or natural remedies should be seen as a supplementary or complementary solution.

Now, let’s see some of the home remedies for Addison’s disease that many people turn to when suffering from this condition.

home remedies Addison’s disease

Ginger: Ginger is useful to treat both the symptoms and the condition itself grass. It is a calming agent, and also relieves intestinal problems and discomfort that so often accompany Addison’s disease. It stimulates bowel movements and also stops nausea . Ginger can be consumed in food as well as in the form of ginger tea. This is a series of common elements based treatment plants Addison’s disease.

Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation: As mentioned, there are also certain lifestyles and changes can be made to arm yourself better against the problem of disease Addison. Although some Western forms of medicine still the validity of Acupuncture , yoga, tai chi and meditation as legitimate forms of treatment oppose, Addison’s disease is related to production hormones, and have been numerous scientific studies linking these eastern techniques to better mental health and stability and a more balanced system, including regulation of hormones. The effects of personality that can come as part of Addison’s disease can also relieve or decrease with things like meditation and yoga.

Ginseng and Borago: These two herbal elements have been suggested in a number of alternative studies for treating Addison’s disease. Since they are closely related to supporting a healthy immune system, can prevent autoimmune attacks in the adrenal cortex causes Addison’s disease in the first place. Any other elements of immune stimulation in the diet, such as citrus fruits , or foods that are rich in antioxidants, can also help delay or prevent the disease from getting worse.

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addisonsdisease Green Tea This powerful type of tea is used for various treatments herbal, but it is known that Hormones regulate and maintain the body’s metabolism working properly. It also helps stimulate the body’s immune system, which protects against autoimmune attacks.

Proper diet and Exercise Although this may seem like a natural solution, maintaining a proper diet and always keeping your exercise is the best way to keep your body and your immune system in good shape. A balanced diet and keep your body in shape will always increase their defenses against autoimmune diseases , and can also keep your hormones in proper balance so even if you are suffering from Addison’s disease, effects They should not be so serious. Diet and exercise should always be used as a complement to both traditional and medical treatments.

turmeric and Reishi Fungi In the alternative medicine Addison’s disease, both of these foods have been known to help increase the strength of the immune system and increase the production of hormones, which counteracts the fall detriment of the production of hormones that occurs when the adrenal cortex is attacked or weakened by autoimmune cells or other diseases that can cause Addison’s disease.

talus Milk Thistle, and Echinacea: These three herbal supplements you can take out or eat in other ways in order to boost the body against the effects of Addison’s disease. Through a combination of hormonal and strength boost the immune system, these supplements can help supplement whatever serious treatment plan that is following Addison’s disease.

A word of caution: As mentioned above, there is no cure for Addison’s disease, which means it is very important to seek medical attention and get into a routine treatment maintain some normalcy in their lives. Research is being conducted on more permanent solutions, but still without success. Therefore, all herbal and home remedies should be seen as complementary, while regular hormonal tablets or booster dose treatments is strongly suggested. Stay healthy!

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