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Hold Your Hand In This Position And You Will Not Believe What Follows Next!


With Style modern life today stress levels increase each person. And high levels of stress over a longer period of time can cause a lot of health problems. That’s why everyone should learn to control your stress levels, and this article will show you a good solution for that.

To control your stress levels should try yoga hand that originated in ancient India. can be in the following images different poses ” hand and can be read under each picture, what may be good for.

Surya Mudra

‘This pose is useful if you want to lose weight because it can improve the process of digestion and can even solve vision problems. If you are suffering from circulation problems and trembling, then you should try this technique.

Prithvi Mudra

‘This pose is increasing the earth element on the fire element. earth element is influencing the growth of tissue and muscle development and therefore is encouraging faster healing. The element of fire is the cause of muscle inflammation and with this attitude will be eliminated.

Varun Mudra

‘This pose is very useful in cases with arthritis disorders, dehydration and hormone.

Aakash mudra

-This posture can relieve tension and detoxifies the body of metabolic waste. You can take your mind off things.

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