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Higher own future: the person’s face is an open book,: women sesame fruit: lips looking at:

Superior own future: the person’s face is an open book fruit: sesame women: looking lips:

The face of the person is an open book
Ujjain. Every time we find someone, the first is our eye on her face. If certain parts of the face that focus immediately on the texture of the voices can be attached to the character of the person. Certain parts of the face such as the nose, head, eyes, eyelids, ears, eyebrows, etc. These organs and the situation is similar to the texture of the nature of the person is the same. In this regard, several important things that astrology.
Astrology see the personality traits in the body and methods to predict the future, says the maritime tradition. It is an integral part of astrology. the maritime tradition of man from head to toe is inserted some of the symptoms of each organ, texture, shape and color of light on the mysteries of our personality as well as the future calls.Looking to the faces of anyone which can be easily they said that practice, customs and way of workspace.Understand these things … to see the texture of the head – head length and width less than these people have all the comforts in life. – The head of the person is medium in size in monetary terms, which are very fortunate. – If the head of a person is different from others, is large and wide the problems they face in life. Learning hair to see these things – the person has the black and soft and beautiful hair that are rich and have all the amenities. – Those who are fine hair are people of good character. – Rough and difficult hair people are brave, but they are narrow-minded. – Right Surk colored hair and troubled people who are poor. While the quality of life of people with blond hair remains moderate. Know eyebrows seeing these things – beautiful and Barik Bunhe person pecuniary actions are exclusively profit. – Both of which are mixed Bunhe others are smarter than the driver. – If eyebrows hair appear dry and lifeless person they encounter in life, lack of funds. The behavior of these people is difficult. – Those people in life get opulence, whose eyebrows are large and do not meet. Eyes to see these things, you know – if a person’s eyes look like cat eyes Maybe that person is vicious. – In the eyes of those who Surk facilities that have in life appear full cotton color. If the eyes of a woman if she would earn substantially more profits. – In the eyes of those who always see brave people angry and daring work force they are done.Cannes saw these things, know – What appear to be longer than normal ear, live a long life and receiving a lot of money. – Appear more hair in the ears of those who work but do not receive adequate fruit. – Small lives of ears is normal. If they get more work must contain the positive fruits. Know that the nose to see these things; whose nose grows higher and are lucky and have achieved much in life. – Such people are very sensitive and luck Rich, whose nose like the beak of a parrot is. People who are particularly adept at mental tasks, sharp nose. – Whose nose seems little people are good by nature. While short and thick nose people are less intelligent. Look eyelid and learn these things – the hair on the eyelids of a person is very low, so that person Sukin mood. Such people tend to live in elegance and luxury. – People who are poor, people who are desperately hair flashing. These people have to work a lot in life, but did not get good fruit.

What does your face
Vandana Agarwal
square face, round face, triangular face, large nose, sharp nose, etc. And you heard of.They Both also it is compatible with the scale of beauty. Just they have tried to understand the astrological side. Let us know which part of the face side of the feature of the face to face personality. Vandana Agarwal are saying
all parts of her face says about you. Several parts of the face in front of you may know the personality of the person. What part of the face is what he says, Here’s
facial form
is Chandraprdhan circular face. People who face imaginative, domestic, who are lazy and lack of energy.People with square face and aggressive instincts are strong. Earth element preponderance of these people rely on physical ability and strength. The rectangular faces of people who are honest and diplomatic nature.Some of these people live on good terms with leadership potential and to achieve success in politics.People with triangular faces are evil genius. Such people are often struggling with a lack of talent. They can come in part Wyvharkushlta less. In contrast face pointy chin people are happy. Sometimes people are also Haipraktiv.
eyebrow contour
top of the forehead to the faith of the hairline says ancestors. Hairline shows that the person believes in promoting the work of their ancestors and their aspects of parenting. The top line of hair Forhed side of the top front that tells the person that the amount of travel it will. If the lines are straight, not broken, the lives of these trips get significant results. Conversely, if the lines are broken, do not get the right result. The person may also suffer physical damage. Central Forhed shows on the race. If it is clear and consistent with the straight lines on age, the individual race is very enthusiastic. Careers in life is paramount. If the head is sunk inward, it is indifferent to the individual race.
The size of the lips
upper lip showing affection in life. If it is longer, then there is a lack of affection in life. If the face is consistent with the balance, if the person meets all affection. If the lips are formed on both sides of the pit, man’s life is in excess of affection.
to the tip of the nose of the economic situation of an individual it can be detected. If it is balanced, the person is economically prosperous.
How about eyebrows and eyelashes
eyebrow brother and sister on the family shows. If eyebrows are raised and pointed, reduce the number of siblings. There are also good connections with the brothers. heavy eyelids are a sign of a person owns.
eyes language
touching the top of the pupils of the eyes, the lack of uniformity in the behavior of the person. Such people are unreliable. It touches the bottom of the pupil of the eye, which are inexorable. So the eyes of people in movies are often chosen for the role of villain. If the student is greater than the size of the eye, so the person does not hide his feelings. Such people are Akstrowart. People with small pupil trend are confidential. The relationship between the two eyes of nature people are spending away.
(Astrologer Dr. Dattatreya told Hoskere)

face hidden secret destination to meet their fate
Ibn 7
New Delhi. The face of the identity of the person. But good or bad, to be the image of her beauty or ugliness is not fixed, but good or bad to beautify the ugly and beautiful in appearance deteriorated face karma are critical. It also gives the mind the expression of exposed face. However, some people in the art of concealing facial expressions are also Mhir and intend to meet their own interest or face the true face hidden behind false charges. From the perspective of practical life on several occasions this point is even cause damage or discomfort.
Furthermore, even in the mind of the person it would be like life itself, but also keeps curiosity. Hindu scriptures written some interesting things to calm curiosity and the formula refers to the behavior of unknown men. These different properties of the appearance and nature of men are described.
According to Hindu texts Bvishypuran when Lord Shiva symptoms scriptures written by the controversy over child thrown into the sea, at the request of Lord Brahma and Kartikeya apparent to recognize the symptoms of men reminded them again
the mouth of the men involved in this kind of interesting to know things -.
-. like the bright moonlight and calm face is good and righteous man
– apes or Bkren house is like a rich man
-. Elephant Home Tejayukt beautiful and full face of the king or the royal style
-. proboscis way the man long face is bad luck
-. ugly, bent, broken and tiger identify the person’s face it is like a thief
-. tall and thin and left with his mouth full of humor man is poor and sinful
-. Similar lady, square-faced man with no children
-. the cheeks are red and bright rich man as the lotus and farmers are
-. elephant, tiger or lion male cheeks is all well and owns properties.

women Sesame fruits
and sesame native woman
‘s body Tilo has its own importance in this Article, the body of the native woman Tilo found in different parts of the subject are in the details of the woman’s behavior, behavior, thought and destiny can be traced more |

1) mole in the middle of the head of the woman to win the absolute happiness, pure heart of her husband and made to achieve full Aishwarya | Distinguished on the right side of the head, but the sad nature of the Lunar Society, which tells the woman to have to live abroad after marriage and mole on the left side of the head that makes the unfortunate |
2) The black mole on the forehead She Putrwan, luck nature, religious and compassionate are | distance from the birthplace of the right front and sesame woman alive, son of good character, which tells of a woman who lived suffering | sesame heart of the front woman creates word art efficient but hard to say | While the left frontal and reflects a decrease of women mol happiness husband |
3) in the central part of Bhohon mole of the woman, who is the government that provides the benefits of high status or that her husband has a government job | one Bhoh Mole made the symbol of feminine frivolity in the nature of a woman is married to the mismatch |
4) above or below the eyes of the woman switching improperly mole to save money and children are deprived of their right to health not take care of her age are less | It mole in the eye of the beloved husband woman was reported to be low, |
5) mole on his cheek below the right eye of change everywhere assume that women are religious Kudos and gentlewoman to receive the same and the mole on his left cheek below Switching woman eye suffering from excessive lust that are much younger than their age connoisseurs |
6) the lunar your ear to tell your loved jewelry While the mole below his ears says about the hostility of other strio |
7) red mole on the tip of his nose and luck Unchadikari are indicative Wife |
8) mole on the face of happy woman, reports can be rich and smooth mole on his upper lip Shikshawan are indicative of a good speaker or teacher is a woman |
9) black mole on his left cheek, which speaks of his life Aishwarya good full term are more interested in red mole says about having your sugary and mole on his right cheek speech of a woman who has an incurable disease |
10) in a mole chin a woman who tells her not be any friendly person who does not like to mingle in common parlance is called voluble woman |
11) If the mole on her throat at home wants to take control of the entire government prefers to run | 12) in place of the woman’s heart Mole is a symbol of good mole lucky red on the left breast after changing the widow after her son was born black sesame are indicative of commutation of death of the woman comes a accident, while a plurality of female children the right breast of the woman says mole |
13) mole on his left arm, art, poetry, acting, music, etc., to be connected to the region, which symbolizes wealth and fame are derived |
14) to the right of the mola secret woman switching king or Unchadikari The woman whose son receives would also in future posts |
15) on the leg of your trip and visit his beloved Sesame It is reported that there
16) feet mole ankle women in his life of poverty gives full information |
Mukha masterpiece of science
speaks Heart face a body in the home, ie, most Chetnamay, Urgamay, Gyanmay and Prgyamay of the mouth of the person. Eyes, ears, nose and mouth and Gyanmay memory centers of the brain, including The Guardian (face) is only then. Four faces of Brahma, Shiva home five, ten heads of Ravana (Dsgriv) God Dutttrey three home, etc. explain the specific properties of the house. “SAIC mukham Brahmins”, ie, knowledge of the mouth of God, Prgyamay cultivated Brahmin emerged. That is, the ability to see, hear eligibility, breathing and the ability to feed the mouth with the help of man is the embodiment of purity, (Home) The best part is like God. That view ‘seer’, ie the listener to listen, which is the pranayama yoga and diet efficiency to face divine face all can see that. ‘Physiognomy’ dominated these things can be found easily. 1 intelligence or stupidity 2 traitor weak or strong three goodness memory or hardness 4 of adventure or submissive 5 fixed or flexible nature patriotic or 6 July rich or social or antisocial poor September 8 healthy or sick, faces all these qualities and vices eyes, head, Bunhe, nose, ears, eyelids, lips, jaw, chin, etc. you can learn to see. Each man’s face carefully to see if you can find a glimpse of the rough. Impact on someone’s face appears like a lion, a monkey is like going home. A sheep, parrot, eagle, buffalo, fox, etc. The nature and faces all who are perfect. In short, the secret of physiognomy for your occasion is as follows. The house has three parts: 1 head or face the front of the nose 2 eyebrows 3 irons on the front of the nose to the forehead or frontal 1 (first part) – the top of the eyebrows, front or front. If the part is large or advanced intelligent person, with a sharp memory, learning new things, he is well versed in poetry and yoga. life’s problems manage to think of intellectual vigor. 2 nostril eyebrow (Part II) – from the eyebrows to the front of the nose portion. Bunhe, eyes, nose, ears and temples etc., are part of this section.Nose and eyes are the most important. If developed, advanced bodies and good if the person is capable of self-respect and Bhavesh contain. economic, business or work that are good for go.How luck is native. How to deal with conflicts in life is power, nasal and eye structure known. who developed the first section and the second section is longer, the pursued with determination, obstacles facing the fight to succeed. The second segment is smaller than the first section of the person entering into depression after being defeated, the appropriate decision is null. Mongrel nature has ever seen. Sometimes quiet, sometimes furious show in 3 nose to Dodhi (Tisar part) -. The nasal part of this section is Ugrbag Dodi. In this part of the cash mustaches, lips, cheeks, jaw and chin, etc., they are part. This part of the house after the age of 50. How can the life of the native, which can be known. With firmness and roundness if Vrgakr is considered auspicious. If the chin is drawn back to diverge or not so favorable conditions are in old age. In addition Vrgakr bay and stubborn chin chin confidence and discussion with the natives and living conditions are favorable. Equal to or longer than the first part, part live a happy life in old age. The third part is longer than the first part, then the person is introverted and meditation, the third part is longer than the first part

considers the person looking at the nature of the eyebrows

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