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Here’s What Type Of Exercise Is The Best For Your Body According To Your Body Shape

Exercise to lose weight and have a healthy body is the norm of the day. However, once you decide to start an exercise routine, you tend to get confused about what exercises to do. Even when you join a gym, it is important to understand that not all exercises that will benefit. If you just choose the herd mentality without taking your body type in mind that you can only end up frustrated because of a failure in achieving its goal. Whether in a gym or on your own, you need to understand your body type first.


Apple Shape

People with this body type usually have excess weight on your upper body and the middle. They have a bulging waist with thin legs that are disproportionate to the upper body. To lose belly fat and increase muscle mass in the legs, the best exercises are cardiovascular exercises. Walking, running, jogging can do wonders for them. To spice it may even do aerobics or dance with your favorite music. He squats can be done to strengthen leg muscles.

The pear shape

People with pear shaped bodies have more fat on their thighs and hips. The best exercises for them are triceps kickbacks, shoulder presses and bicep curls. Treadmills or walking can also reduce inches on your thighs and hips. Crunches can also be done to get a flat stomach, washboard.

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The rectangle

People with this body shape have your weight evenly on your body. A mix of cardiovascular exercises and weight training will do much good. Running, walking or treadmill can do wonders will like aerobics, dance, shoulder press, elliptical training. For the lower body, recommended squats.

The hourglass shape

People with this body shape have a curvy body. The best exercise for these types of cardio body is like aerobics, zumba, running, etc. Weight training will give you a toned look to your muscles.

Once you identify the body type, choosing the right exercises is not going to be difficult and can also give desired results.

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