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Here's How To Lose 3 Pounds In 1 Week Just By Drinking Water

Many Americans forget to drink water throughout the day, which may be why they struggle to lose weight. Proper diet and exercise are play a key role, but the amount of water you drink during the day could be the key to successful weight loss. Despite its health benefits often overlooked, water is an important factor burning calories because it keeps you well hydrated and prevents overheating. These are the reasons you need to start drinking water every day …

1. to stay away from unhealthy drinks.

If you are constantly drinking water throughout the day, then always be sated your thirst, so you will not be tempted by sugary drinks such as soft drinks, flavored coffee, and almost any energy drink. A study was conducted in several hundred adults, and it showed that drinking a single glass of water reduced the number originally would drink one soda or more.

2. Being more energetic.

Having more energy is a step in the right direction to achieve weight loss. When you feel more energy will be more active, preforms better in your workouts, and reduce their overall cravings throughout the day. Since your body is almost 70% water, when it enters your body that gives your cells jump start they need to get more oxygen flowing through your body. In addition, it will help you stay focused and keep your muscles stimulated.

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3. Eliminate hunger pains.

We have all experienced the close, almost like cramp, feeling the stomach normally associate with being hungry, but can not be the right answer. That kind of pain is most likely linked to thirsty or dehydrated. So next time you get called pain of hunger, have a couple of glasses of water, and should most likely be relieved. Also, drink two cups of water before a meal will help you eat fewer calories while eating.

4. Speed ​​up the metabolism.

Drinking more water is a great way to increase your metabolism by up to 30% for the day, and increase the calories you burn as well. Since water contains no calories, it’s fast, easy and processed, letting the whole body process otherwise needs more efficiently. In addition, a nutritional study reported that drinking 8 glasses of water a day can result in you burn 200 extra calories or more each day.

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