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Here's how to get rid of the ice that is stuck on your sidewalk

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI / KIDK) – Idaho Falls Ordinance 8-10-8 states that an owner must remove snow from the sidewalk within 24 hours after the snowfall.

Otherwise, it can cause a safety hazard for you and others.

Preventing ice from forming on the sidewalk and the driveway does not have to be a difficult task if you stay alert, said Logan Tibbitts, owner of Tibbits Lawn and Snow.

"Knowing when to put melted ice and where to leave it," Tibbits said when talking about an important factor.

To start, should I pick up a bag of salt or melted ice?

Dennis Garrett of Ace Hardware says it depends on what you are doing.

"When you leave after cleaning your driveway or sidewalk, you definitely use melted ice, you don't want to use it too liberally, it actually works very well, just following the label. While with regular salt, you would be using a lot more," Garrett said. .

In addition to requiring more product, Garrett says that salt can damage plants, damage animal legs and burn concrete. What makes ice melt is a safer and more effective option.

As for how and when to melt the ice, Tibbits shares his expert technique and tactics, "paying attention to when the snow is going to fall and simply melting some ice before it falls, that way when you are going to shovel the sidewalks, it's much easier. "

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It is also important to pay attention to the different points on your property that have ice dripping from the roof or gutters that would require more ice melting.

To begin defrosting, Tibbits says there are tools that will help, "the salt shaker and this is your ice picker and then you can get the big bags of melted ice. For larger areas that you need to spread ice, you can use your fertilizer spreader."

In places that have heavy ice, Tibbits recommends adding more melted ice. "You'll want to put a fairly thick amount of melted ice, to try to break it. Then you can use your ice pick to try to free that ice and it will be much easier for you."

For not so hard ice stains, a simple spray with the fertilizer tool will do the trick to melt the ice and facilitate the removal of the shovel.

A pet-friendly ice melt can be found in stores like Ace Hardware.

Source: https://localnews8.com/news/idaho-falls/2019/12/17/heres-how-to-get-rid-of-the-ice-thats-stuck-on-your-sidewalk/

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