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Here Is Why Probiotics Are So Good For You!


Probiotics are live colonies such as bacteria, fungi and yeasts that are essential to the welfare of the human body microorganisms. These microscopic line our intestines and other organs in the body and facilitate body functions such as digestion and absorption of nutrients friends. By eating processed, fried, packaged, canned and refined foods, which alter our natural probiotic system. Why, adding probiotics to your diet is a good idea.

health benefits PROBITICS

fight infections :. A healthy level of probiotics can fight infections of various types in our gastrointestinal, urinary and respiratory tract

improve digestion : The main function of probiotics is to ensure proper digestion and assimilation of all nutrients. This is essential for our energy levels.

increase immunity : Our immune system is mostly found in the digestive tract, get a real kick out of the good microbes. This living system regularly checks the growth of harmful microorganisms and prevents disease.

Help weight loss : Studies show that some strains of probiotics such as Lactobacillus combat obesity. Use low-fat version or low calorie probiotics best results.

Good for vaginal health : The probiotic balance maintains the health of the urogenital system in women. The microorganisms maintain the acidic nature of the vagina to check the growth of bacteria or harmful fungi. This also provides newborns with a dose of probiotics.


Promoting healthy teeth : Research has shown that probiotic bacteria fights tooth decay and bad mouth odor. So to improve oral health, make sure you get the dose of probiotics every day.

common probiotics that can be added to your diet

yogurt : Probiotic most famous of them all. It is best to opt for probiotic yogurt that is easily available in the market is. The home made curd (dahi) also contains good bacteria, but the concentration varies compared with yogurt. They have 2 servings a day for best results.

Pickles : This essential component of any Indian food is rich in probiotics along with several other health benefits that boasts of. So do something at home and spice up your meals.

The black chocolate : Besides being rich in antioxidants, black chocolate is a good source of probiotics. Replace milk chocolate with dark variety of health piles.

Apples : Apples are not a direct source of probiotics. However, the high fiber content of the fruit promotes the growth of probiotics in our bodies. An apple a day, as the wise man said.

Paneer : Paneer is something we’ve all grown. It is being produced from fermented milk is loaded with probiotics. Eat 100 gms portions as often as possible.

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Soy milk : A great choice for the soy milk lactose intolerance is a natural source of probiotics. It is readily available in supermarkets Indian now. Drink a glass every day.

Besides these, Indian regional delicacies like Dhokla, pithe-puli dried fish, and Idli Dosa are potent sources of probiotics.

So, go ahead and add these probiotic foods to your diet to improve health and immunity. Stay healthy, stay happy!

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