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Here is what your palm size reveals about your personality

Your hands can tell a lot about your personality! The type of hand can give you some ideas of his career and personality. In order to know what your palm size says about your personality, you have to first know the shape of their hands (though not exactly). The shape of their hands is divided into the shape of the palm and finger length. The size of the palm or may be rectangular or square. The finger length depends on the middle finger compared to the width of the palm. If the fingers are more than that, are considered long and shorter if then short.

If which they look the same, then the fingers are generally considered shorter.

Short fingers, palm square

Are the “practical” people. Usually they are down to earth and stable. They can not cope with falsehood and pretentious behavior. They tend to be more family oriented. They want loyalty, security, reliability and compliance in any relationship. They are close to nature and are animal lovers. Usually they are more focused on the past than the present. They prefer to work outdoors and do not mind doing the work repeatedly. Instead of reasoning their decisions are based on intuitions.

Long fingers, palm rectangular

is intended to have a calm behavior because, they say, thought is more important than the action. Avoid conflict and competition. They are deep, serious, analytical and methodical. They are lonely and take their own time to important decisions.Relationships are very important to them and are subtle and emotionally acute.

Long fingers, palm square

are thoughtful, practical and curious .. They can be very patient and needs a lot of space. Your nervous system is most often worked. They are agile mind and know how to express their feelings. They are natural teachers and tips givers.

Short fingers, palm rectangular

outgoing, enthusiastic, creative and goal-oriented Son. They are happy when they are busy. They are full of ideas and eager to start projects. They need change and variety. They are good leaders and tend to be more individualistic. They are most suitable for skilled workers and enjoy this kind of occupations.
Your hands provide a visual representation of your personality and thus reveal the best way to go. Personality is more about who you are than what you want to be. The physical characteristics have been endowed by God, but our parents raise us the way we want to see. So I feel, these lines are changing every day, every second. What one has to be it depends on it.

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