Our society encourages a certain illusion about relationships in a couple.Growing watching movies from Walt Disney and Hollywood productions to believe from the outset that the appointments should not be difficult to live and that our partner should be considered a god or goddess.We spend our lives looking for. But how do you find love? And how do you know it’s true?

When we found our means at the beginning of the relationship, the euphoria of the honeymoon releases endorphins and other hormones in our bodies that make us look to our spouse as an ideal and therefore produces a stable happiness feeling. Eventually, the condition dissipates and leads us to realize that we are a couple with a man who is far from perfect.

Most people often guilty of having thoughts or less positive feelings toward their partners feel. They do not know that it is very natural to not feel love in every moment and be angry sometimes against their partner. In fact, it is quite normal in the end to see their partner as it really is, and I want it to be different.

so leave aside your guilt and read the following list. Then you understand that you are not alone in having negative thoughts about your partner because it does things you do not like that bother him.

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The truth about human beings:

  • Sometimes they have bad breath,
  • They say certain things in front of their children who did not want to hear
  • are in a bad mood or a bad mood,
  • not meet the dishwasher in the right way,
  • seek the little beast,

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In conclusion, if you are a couple and especially if you are a hyper sensitive person sometimes irritated by his better half, that is not a problem in itself.

The problem arises when it is said that it should be this way and not this way because your mind has fallen into the trap of fantasy promoted in movies, that their love should always speak intelligently and make jokes or your partner has to be refined, succeed, be well dressed and be a sex goddess in their leg parts in the air.

Of course, behind the screen, everyone is polished and perfect. If you have bad breath, it is not known. His hair is all in place. All the jokes were written by a group of creative people sitting in a room thinking about intelligent discussions. All this is not reality!

Would not it be nice if we did not have to work so hard for us to match what our partners expect from us? Would not it be great if the media they learned the truth about him so let constantly comparing our relationship with all these unrealistic fantasies?

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Unfortunately, our culture emphasizes the transmission and maintenance of these fantasies. So I told the truth: your partner does not seem to always attractive.This is not necessarily because you are in a projection or is disconnected from reality, although this could be the case. It may simply be that you are finding it a couple with a human being.

So I guess what!

You are also a human being. Everything I have written also applies to you. Grab a mirror instead of a magnifying glass can help soften the judgment that fits in your mind and that could come out of his mouth when the idea that is related to an imperfect human being overwhelming.

The most important is to maintain a healthy relationship and above all learn to accept the weaknesses and peculiarities of your partner. After acceptance, you will end up loving them. will go to the state of madness experienced by adolescents and that our culture calls “being in love” with reality, mature love that flows like spring water and that will lead to a strong and lasting relationship.

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