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Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe

Homemade Hot Chocolate - no dairy- no sugar- all natural

Apparently, our local climate the memo that spring is almost lost because we are wearing a foot of snow and subzero now. I’ve been subsisting on The tea turmeric and packaging with home heat packs to keep warm. When my children ask them for hot chocolate, the other day after coming from many hours of igloo building and playing in the snow, I was happy to do it.

Hot Chocolate Healthy

This healthy homemade hot chocolate, contains natural ingredients such as cocoa powder, turmeric, gelatin, coconut oil or butter and raw honey optional or maple syrup and cinnamon .

azoté this in the blender in less than two minutes and that was easy to do by the glass or as a mixer complete. The recipe includes substances per cup, but can easily double, triple or multiply the recipe as needed to make more than one serving.

options have also received the classification of substitutions to make this completely free of milk or the inclusion of dairy products and to be free from coconut, if desired

NOTE:.! do not recommend doing this at night like chocolate can keep children (and adults) awake

this can be easily customized to your preferences and would love to hear your variations in the comments. Some of my favorites are adding a pinch of cayenne for a spicy version or some frozen for a variation of berry raspberries.

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Actual chocolate recipe hot food

delicious real food hot chocolate combines cocoa powder, oil coconut or butter, water or coconut milk, honey or maple syrup and turmeric for a successful and healthy drink.


type of recipe: Beverages

serves 1 serving


  1. combine all ingredients in blender and mix to combine.
  2. Serve hot and enjoy!


recipe can be doubled or multiplied as needed.
adding more butter or coconut oil will make a thicker hot chocolate.
This should be done in a blender, because with added coconut oil or butter, stirring just not going to make a smooth mixture.
More sweetener can be added for a sweeter hot chocolate if desired.


What is your favorite hot beverage in snow days?

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