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Health tips for women on #WorldHeartDay


Heart disease was initially thought only affectmen. But now, both men and women are found to be equally likely to develop heart problems in all ages. This may be related to the changing lifestyle of women with increased stress, inactivity, smoking, hypertension and diabetes. On the occasion of World Heart Day, let’s take a look at the heart problems that women face and how to maintain a healthy heart for life.

Heart problems women face
The most common cause of heart disease is narrowing or blockage of the vessels (coronary arteries) that supply blood to the muscles from the heart. Unlike men, women tend to have blockages in the smaller arteries of the microvascularcoronary disease.Women heartcalled also affected by something called “broken heart syndrome ‘, which is a temporary but serious failure of the pumping function heart muscle caused by extreme emotional stress. the symptoms of heart attack in women may be different from men. They experience mainly tension or pressure in the chest, sweating, dizziness or unusual fatigue. sometimes, symptoms may manifest only as subtle discomfort or weakness, which is most often ignored.Women of all ages should be concerned about heart disease, but the age of the woman, the more risk the risk increases after menopause like. ofoestrogencan low levels early microvascular coronary disease.

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changes simple lifestyle changes that help reduce the risk of heart disease in women:
• Avoid smoking
• Regular exercise / yoga or walking brisk for at least 30 minutes a day
• Maintain a healthy-BMI weight of less than 25, and waist circumference less than 35 inches
• a healthy diet high in fiber and grain content all low in fat, fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products, lean meats. Avoid saturated fats and added sugars.
• Low salt intake

it is advisable to have a regular health checkup after the age of 35 years, in order to have a healthy heart and a healthy life.

Entries by Dr. Ajay Pandey, cardiologist, hospital SRV

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