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Health Tips: Common Microwave Cooking Myths Busted… Or Confirmed?

If you live in a bachelor pad, a hostel college, or in a suburban home in a city, buzzing? there is a good chance that like all other ancient, your choices are driven by the convenience and efficiency. Let’s face it, there is nothing more convenient than the microwave to heat or cook food. Of course, your parents may disagree and have been again and again bombarded with warnings about the dangers of microwaving food but really are these dangers and must be really mean?

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We sifted through health advisories, warnings, conspiracy theories, and the results of scientific studies to give you the truth about what that the advice you need to take seriously and what to take with a pinch of salt or disposed beforehand as pseudo-scientific abracadabra

Debunking myths – the health hazards of microwave cooking

nutrient loss

“Researchers have found that the food in the microwave actually preserves more nutrients because it requires less water and is much faster “

Yes, it is true, but only to the extent that any type of cooking changes the chemical composition of a food or nutritional value. In fact, any type of cooking causes some loss of nutrients due to heat exposure. When cooking on a gas stove might actually lose more nutrients from vegetables because they seep into the water. Researchers have found that food in the microwave retains more nutrients actually because it requires less water and is much faster. To better illustrate this point, conventional cooking causes loss of about 77 percent of folic acid in spinach, while the microwave causes almost no loss of folate .

The microwave Plastics is dangerous

“Put plastic in the microwave makes it even more dangerous, in the breakdown product chemicals and filtered in food “

This one is actually true. Plastic was never good for your health, but putting plastic in the microwave makes it even more dangerous, decomposition and chemicals seep into food. Some of these chemicals such as BPA, have even been linked to cancer and hormonal disorders. A study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives , found that almost all plastic still estrogenic chemicals leaching that are associated with obesity and cancer. However, using a microwave oven to heat or cook food does not require the use of plastic. Experts suggest that use glass or ceramic instead .

increased cancer risk

“A study at Cornell University found that microwave cooked bacon has much lower levels of nitrosamines carcinogenic cooking bacon cooked “

you’ve probably received advertisements and happened upon warnings that microwaved food sites cause cancer. Some of these self-appointed health experts warn of the increased presence of carcinogens in cooked or reheated in a microwave, but offer little evidence to support these claims. Furthermore the researchers found no increased cancer risk with a study by Cornell University shows that microwave cooked meat have much lower levels of nitrosamines cancer that stove cooked meat

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microwaves emit radiation

“foods are heated through the generation microwave .; not unlike cooking with solar heat, which operates UV and infrared rays process “

a microwave oven is not a nuclear reactor and from then you not have to worry about Chernobyl in your kitchen. While nuclear devices use harmful ionizing radiation, microwave use non-ionizing radiation . foods are heated via microwave generation; a process is not much different from cooking with solar heat , which exploits UV and infrared rays. These microwaves cause the vibration of water molecules, resulting in heat by friction, so that foods with high water content like vegetables tend to cook faster in the microwave.

The explosion Food?

“superheated water poses a significant risk of burns because the water is heated beyond the boiling point may seem quiet, but will erupt contact another substance or moved “

This may sound somewhat exaggerated, but some foods are just not suitable for the microwave and can explode. The good news is that there is no risk of injuries caused by the explosion of food, but will have a pretty messy microwave and a hell of a cleaning job on your hands. Foods containing a soft center and outdoor hard as eggs or delicious cakes lava can explode while heating, as hard surfaces and softwoods react to heat differently, expanding at different temperatures. A bigger concern is with superheated water , as this represents a significant risk of burns; the water is heated beyond the boiling point may seem quiet, but erupts like a volcano, once it comes into contact with another substance or moves

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microwave cooking -. Carrying

Therefore, do not be fooled by those strikers who warn about the dangers of microwaved food. At the same time, be careful when heating or cooking food with microwave as ignoring safety advice microwave can increase the risk of bodily injury

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August 21, 2016

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