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Health Benefits of Thunder God Vine

There are many benefits for health stunning thunder god vine, including its unique ability to regulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, act as a contraceptive, help you lose weight, protect skin , inhibit the spread of cancer , managing hormonal irregularities and prevent certain colorectal diseases.

thunder god vine

From the beginning, the name of this ancient vine connotes ideas of power and strength, but most people in the West have probably never heard of he. Scientifically known as Tripterygium wilfordii this vine has been used in traditional Chinese medicine Japanese and Korean, as the vine is native to the regions. Only recently has thunder god vine was introduced into the Western world.

The traditional use of thunder god vine is to peel the root of the vine and then the extract of reducing dust. The powder can then be drunk with water. There are many active compounds found in the vine, and the most common medicinal application is in the form of an extract, which leverages the powerful active ingredients. immunomodulators elements in thunder god vine may have strong effects on human health are known anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative. Triptolide is the most important active ingredient, and is currently being studied for possible use in pharmaceutical applications.


Unfortunately, thunder god vine can also be very dangerous, and side effects of their use are often serious, including rash, nausea, pain head hair loss , menstrual changes, and even a loss of bone density. For this reason, you should only ever take a medical dose size, and do so only after due consultation with a doctor or trained herbalist. That said, let’s take a closer look at the many exciting health benefits thunder god vine.

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Health Benefits of Thunder God Vine

Immune Health: One of the most important benefits of thunder god vine is its impact on the immune system. Not necessarily boost the immune system, but regulates it, so it is very important for those who suffer from autoimmune diseases. Rheumatoid Arthritis , lupus and Multiple Sclerosis are all autoimmune diseases have shown that benefits careful use of thunder god vine extract.

Hormonal regulation: hormonal imbalances can be detrimental to the quality of life in general, but the extract thunder god vine is connected directly to the regulation of hormones in the body, which can reduce the intensity of menstruation and maintain our body to function normally, especially if you suffer from an undiagnosed hormonal imbalance. Always talk to a doctor familiar with your hormonal condition before adding the thunder god vine to your health regimen.

benefits against cancer: The most exciting benefit of thunder god vine that has been exposed in recent years is its effect on various types cancer. Triptolide and celastrol are two of the active compounds in thunder god vine that has been shown directly to have anti-tumor effects in the body. Although these effects have been extensively tested in the laboratory, rather than in human trials, the potential for removing pancreatic, ovarian and colorectal cancer is very promising.

anti-inflammatory activity: The inflammation occurs in many forms, and can have serious effects on the body. The natural anti-inflammatory activity thunder god vine extract can help with arthritis drop , respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal inflammation, among many others. Inflammation is a major cause of oxidative stress throughout the body, causing the accumulation of free radicals and increased risk of chronic diseases.

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Crohn’s disease: Inflammation of the stomach lining associated with Crohn’s disease can be very detrimental to the quality of life and overall health of each. thunder god vine has been traditionally used to calm the stomach, heal the stomach lining, and significantly minimize the impact of this chronic disease.

Contraceptives: When it comes to contraception, most people think of strategies for women to prevent conception, but there has been no direct connections between thunder god vine and male infertility – at least temporarily. For this reason, thunder god vine has become a popular subject for study seeking to develop an oral contraceptive for me.

Weight Loss Yes suffer from obesity, adding a god of the vine thunder to your health regimen can be a very wise choice, as one of the active ingredients in the herb, celastrol, has shown anti-obesity effects n laboratory studies. This is a very exciting development for those suffering from obesity, such as excess body fat is a major source of oxidative stress and is connected to many other health complications, including heart health, the higher rates of cancer, and diabetes .

Final word of warning: As mentioned above, the thunder god vine can be beneficial in particular situations, but it is important to use only this herb when you’ve been advised by a doctor. Side effects can be severe, and can interact with other medicines. In addition, only acquire the extract from trusted sources, like other parts of the plant are highly toxic, and only root extract should be consumed for its therapeutic effects. If you start to suffer extreme side effects, discontinue use immediately.

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