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Health Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming can offer anyone of any age a wide range of health benefits. You may just feel and look younger, stronger muscles, and (as a swimmer long) better hair. Although it may not be impressive, bright and chlorine enriched hair, you can find at least ten reasons for swimming.

Swimming gives your body training, the less severe impacts. Another impressive advantage is the longest living factor. You prolong your life and have higher brain activity with a regular swimming program. Control your weight and have a healthier heart, more lower your risk of diabetes, asthma symptoms stop and have a better quality of life.


live longer

Swimming has proved to be the fountain of youth. The University of South Carolina studied 40,000 men and studied for over thirty-two years. This study found that men who regularly swam death had a fifty percent lower than their peers who do not have swimming. After 40,000 men over 32 years old is a very impressive study. With those kinds of numbers, swimming is definitely becoming more attractive.


You can work your body in a pool without high impact to bones and muscles. As is immersed in the water it is automatically converted into pounds lighter. If you are just immersed waist your body takes only 50% of its weight. They sink to the neck and let the water stand up to 90% of their body weight. How awesome is this! While you are partially submerged, aerobics. Take an aerobics class in water. If not stiffness and pain in muscles and joints, or if you are overweight and suffer from arthritis, water is the perfect place to exercise.

That Arthritis Foundation suggests that stretching and strengthening the muscles in a pool brings quick relief. Try swimming laps in the pool, aerobics and see how good it feels. A young woman with rheumatoid arthritis said it was free when in the water pain.

Swim and exercise in a heated pool and hot water will help arthritis sufferers and narrow loosen stiff joints. People with rheumatoid arthritis are enormous health benefits when they swim and participate in hydrotherapy. Swimming also reduces the pain of osteoarthritis.

stress reduction and brain building

Nobody in the world is immune to stress and everyone needs to build brain power. As happily swim around and do water aerobics are also gaining the advantage of chemicals to feel good about releasing his entire body. These endorphins are one of the happiest side effects of swimming. You can relax, enjoy a “natural high” and feel good all at the same time. Swimming brings in the relaxation response also found in yoga class. The constant stretching and muscle relaxation combined with deep breathing rhythm is the key. Mediate like swimming laps with only the sound of his own breathing twirling her brain. Splash water acts as a singing and drowns distractions.

Change your brain for the better by hippocampal neurogenesis. If you are free from stress or in the process of reducing stress by swimming, the brain is replacing the dead brain cells and stressed. Build the strongest brain cells, participating in swimming to relieve stress. “There is nothing better than swimming laps,” says a former high school swimmer. “Every boy problems, school problems, and problems of life just disappears when I’m in the pool.”

control their weight

Swimming is one of the most recognized calorie burners. It is impressive to maintain their weight problems under control. It is difficult to determine the number of calories you burn while swimming; this depends on your own physiology and intensity to swim. A general rule: for every ten minutes of intense swim to burn up to 150 calories. Swim freestyle and burn 100 calories and back will remove 80 calories. To increase calorie burning use interval training in your workout. He works hard for short bursts of time and then rest. Swim fifty yards, rest, swim 100 yards rest, and so on. Keep the pattern going until you can swim up to 300 yards. If you think you will never achieve this goal; think again.

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IMPROVEMENTS muscle tone

If you think that swimming is purely recreational, think of dolphins and competitive swimmers. You have probably never seen a dolphin or fat flabby competitive swimmer. Swimming is one of the best ways to increase strength more muscle tone. A trainer recommended swimming to an overweight man to improve his stomach line. This story man said, “I do not want to change my clothes and get wet.” Oh, come on now! When it was another perfectly suitable exercise?

reproduction could be drier, but when a runner runs around a tract your body is loaded through the air. A swimmer is driving through a medium that is ten times denser than air. Each stroke and kick is a resistance exercise. Resistance exercises are the best ways to increase strength and muscle tone. If you are menopausal, swim! It will improve your bone strength.


Exercise machines only work on one part of your body at once. Swimming gives you a wide range of motion to maintain flexible joints and ligaments. His arms move in a wide arc, hips and legs are engaged in cutting through the water. Also twists his head and spine from side to side while swimming. With each stroke, which are coming forward and extending his body. Body length makes our body more efficient in water and gives a good stretch from head to toes.

stretch before and after each bath. The more you anything more you will be able to balance, be flexible and swim longer. If you want to take a yoga class, swimming exercises will help you look more elegant.


If you have asthma, take up swimming. The moist air gives your lungs the opportunity to work in a pleasant environment asthma. lung volume and proper breathing techniques are some of the reasons asthma symptoms with a regimen of swimming disappear. If you or your child wants to have a better quality of life without visits snoring, mouth breathing and emergency room because of the inability to breathe during cold seasons and allergies, take swimming lessons.


One of the most important muscles in your body is the heart. Swimming is an aerobic exercise and provides exercise that gives life to heart. the ability to pump more efficiently, which in turn leads to improved blood flow occurs. Aerobic exercises have also been shown to combat inflammatory responses in the body that lead to heart disease.

It is recommended that you exercise at least thirty minutes a day and can use the swimming. If only swim for thirty minutes per day of coronary heart disease it is reduced by almost 40%. blood pressure, according to the Annals of Internal Medicine, also improves aerobically swimming. Swim away from high blood pressure, live longer, and prevent coronary heart disease.


The perfect ratio of good and bad cholesterol in the blood can be provided with swimming. The swimming aerobic power will increase HDL (good cholesterol). Conversely, LDL cholesterols ill be reduced. For every one percent increase in HDL, the risk of heart disease is reduced by 3.5 percent.

Thin layers of cells lining the arteries (endothelium) are easier to be flexible when you do aerobics and especially when nothings time. Those who are in their sixties who work outside or participate in aerobic exercise have endothelial functions that are similar to those of thirty years. The arteries expand and contract as nothing and maintain their healthy hosts and fit.

reduces the risk of diabetes

Diabetes is fast becoming a disease of epidemic proportions. Nothing works better in relieving symptoms of diabetes and that aerobic exercise real disease. To burn 500 calories a week, men reduced the risk of diabetes by 6%. Only thirty minutes breaststroke swimming three times a week would burn up to 900 calories. Now it has reduced its risk of type 2 diabetes by more than 10%. Women can reduce their risk of more than 15% with the same aerobic swimming program.

If you are already experiencing the type 1 or 2 diabetes, swimming to increase sensitivity to insulin. The American Diabetes Association urges all diabetic patients for at least 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity to increase blood sugar control.

With the benefits of swimming in mind, go to the pool, bring your friends and family and make it a friendly competition to see who can swim further and healthier.

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